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Dear Reader,

It’s no secret that options have gotten a bad rep in the investment world.

Ask anyone you know, and you’ll likely hear the same responses over and over…

Options are risky. They’re difficult. You need extensive experience to use them.

Trust me, I know. I’ve heard these same things my entire career.

But I also understood that options are one of the most powerful profit tools investors have access to on a daily basis in the markets.

So I never let any of the naysayers stop me.

I put my nose to the grindstone and learned the ins and outs of every type of option play you can imagine – everything from the most basic play to the most advanced.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is this…

When properly leveraged, options give you the ability to make astounding sums of cash that could balloon your bottom line in no time at all.

In fact, using just options, you could be raking in weekly lump sums of cash that could easily be worth more than the paycheck you currently pull down at your day job.

But I understand that you might be apprehensive.

After all, you’ve probably avoided options for the very reasons I just described.

But if you’re like most investors, you likely also want to pocket continual sums of cash that stand to add a significant boost to your income level.

That’s why I’m presenting you with today’s offer.

Not only are options one of the most powerful money making vehicles on the market today, but even novice investors can tap into them with very little work.

In short, you don’t need a degree in finance or a deep understanding of the market to get started.

All you need is a bit of instruction and a guiding hand to help you get off the ground so you can start raking in lump sums of cash as often as every seven days.

And that’s why our team here at Trading Tips has spent countless hours putting together what we believe is the most important book on options that has ever been published.

Best of all, we’re giving away FREE physical copies of this book for as long as supplies last.

Throughout the course of this comprehensive, 70-page book, you’ll learn everything from the basics of options to some of the most powerful strategies on the planet.

As an idea, one of these strategies involves a very specific way of taking advantage of options that is completely overlooked by 99% of investors.

After all, most people are familiar with the most basic option plays out there, like buying calls.

But there’s one strategy out there that, while few people know about it, has been paying savvy investors lump sums of cash for years.

As you can see, it’s not just me who thinks this strategy is one of THE best ways to pull in extra income…

And you don’t need to be a financial wizard to tap into it on a regular basis and start earning weekly income.

So maybe now you’re starting to see that options don’t have to be the evil investment so many people say they are.

Because the strategy we cover in How to Trade Weekly Options for Weekly Income is a way for you to enter the options game, trade like the pros, earn lump sums of cash on the regular, and invest without the risk normally associated with standard option plays.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Because I’ve found people from all over that have been using this secret to earn huge amounts of extra income.

One of them is Arnold Feldman.

As he mentioned, “The returns on CDs and money markets and bonds are so low that I’m looking for a way to generate better returns and some income.”

So he turned to the options strategy I’ve been telling you about, which we cover in How to Trade Weekly Options for Weekly Income.

By using shares of ExxonMobil that he already had in his portfolio, Arnold took advantage of this little-known option strategy to quickly pocket $920.

If he did that once per week, he’d be pulling in an extra $47,000 per year.

And everything you need to know on this strategy is included in the book we’re currently giving away for FREE right now.

It’s called How to Trade Weekly Options for Weekly Income, and for the moment, we still have copies in stock.

Now, if you’re wondering how this strategy works, I’ll give you a quick recap even though it’s covered thoroughly in the FREE book we’re giving away right now.

In short, you can earn extra income on a regular basis, using shares of stock that you already own.

And this occurs daily on 5,000+ publicly traded stocks.

It’s how Arnold Feldman was able to collect $920 on ExxonMobil stock that he already owned.

But there are tons of stocks that this secret works on: Apple, MasterCard, Coca-Cola, Citigroup, Netflix, Disney… and the list goes on and on.

As I mentioned, this secret works on 5,000+ publicly traded stocks…

Very likely some that you’re currently holding in your portfolio this very minute.

And I’ll repeat: You DO NOT need to be an expert trader to take advantage of this strategy.

I’ve seen kindergarten teachers, janitors, factory workers, and plain old retirees tapping into this profit-driven secret to earn extra income on the regular.

In fact, the only “requirement” is that you have a reasonable stake to start trading with.

I’d suggest $10,000 or so, but you can start with less if you wish.

That’s it.

And the second you have our book in hand, you’ll understand just how easy it is to take advantage of this secret starting immediately.

Plus, you’ll also have several other powerful options strategies at your disposal.

Like I’ve said, this book is comprehensive. It covers everything.

And in case you’re not familiar with us here at Trading Tips, let me briefly fill you in:

Our stable of analysts includes a chartered market technician who spent more than a decade as a trading coach for Investools. He was also the Lead Option Strategist at Thinkorswim and the Chief Option Strategist at Man Financial. He’s also frequently spotted on CBOE-TV, First Business, Bloomberg TV, and In the Money.

We have top-tier market connections in every corner of the world.

Our investment analysts boast not only incredible track records of highly profitable calls, but also a knack for uncovering the most powerful wealth-generating secrets in the world.

All together we’re talking about more than 60 years of combined stock market experience and analysis…

Which gives us the unique ability to produce some of the best unconventional money making strategies available to investors like you.

It’s been our goal since we opened our doors back in 2006 to help people become better, smarter, richer traders and to build long-term relationships with our loyal base of readers.

And one way we’ve done that is by delivering investment information that drives our readers to incredible success.

That’s why I’m thrilled to share How to Trade Weekly Options for Weekly Income with you for FREE today.

In total, our team has put together this comprehensive guide on how to use the option strategy I’ve been telling you about today as well as many, many others.

And when I say it covers everything, it covers everything.

After all, I want you to be able to walk away from this book with complete confidence in the world of options as well as have the chance to pull in hundreds (even thousands) each week in extra income.

So how do you get your FREE copy of How to Trade Weekly Options for Weekly Income?

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First, I do have to warn you though.

This is not an ebook or some computer-generated report.

This is a physical book.

So we can only hand out FREE copies while we have them in stock.

And also because this is a physical book that we’re going to mail to your doorstep, we do ask that you cover the shipping charge of $5.95.

We’ve covered the cost of research, writing the book, printing, publishing, and packaging.

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If you can agree to that, we’ll immediately get your book in the mail.

And once you have it in hand, you’ll immediately have access to:

A full rundown of what options are, how they work, and why they’re such a powerful investment vehicle (pages 5-12)

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A powerful strategy you can use to get paid to buy stocks (pages 21-30)

How to identify the best targets for the biggest potential payouts (pages 31-40)

5 rules every options trader should know to maximize success (page 45)

How to turn average market returns into exceptional results (page 51)

Why options can create life-changing results and life-changing wealth (page 65)

And that’s just an idea of what you’ll receive…

All for just covering the shipping cost of $5.95.

But here’s the REAL kicker…

A FREE copy of How to Trade Weekly Options for Weekly Income isn’t the only thing you’ll receive today.

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In addition to the physical book, this library also includes access to three downloadable reports you won’t find anywhere else.

The three bonus reports included are:

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If you don’t know how a straddle works, then you NEED to have this book in hand. In short, it’s a strategy that lets you play both sides of a trade. And the results could be legendary. You’ll learn the ins and outs of straddles in this comprehensive guide.

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Did you know you can trade options in your IRA to deliver even more income? If you didn’t, that’s fine. Most people don’t realize the profit power they have at their fingertips. It’s time you learn how to balloon your retirement savings using a few, simple options tricks.

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With all of these ebooks in hand (along with the physical book I’m going to mail you), you’ll have a complete arsenal at your disposal that will give you the opportunity to fire away at the stock market and knock down some of the biggest profits you’re ever likely to see.

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