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If you're a stock trader, you've probably heard the phrase "September Effect." The myth suggests that this is when we see the market hit consolidation.

But don't be fooled… I plan to bust through this myth  that has haunted traders for decades and prove that there's potential profit to be made… whether the market is cranking or just cruisin'.

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Over the last year, the U.S. has provided additional unemployment benefits to assist Americans out of work. And the countdown to those benefits expiring is on…

With benefits expiring, coupled with a summer of consolidation, we could be on the verge of possibly record-breaking volatility…or a market breakout.

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Inside, I reveal key indicators I have used to spot high-probability trades and simple strategies I look to when preparing to take action.

I hope you find this "go-to" guide as helpful as I have.

Talk to you soon,

Chris Pulver

20+ Year Trader in Stocks, Options and Currencies

P.S. I'll send you an invite to join fellow trader Tyson Clayton and I, as we bust through the "September Effect" myth LIVE Wednesday, September 8th at 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

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