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Stock-Picking Legend "Leaks"
Details of Hidden Stock (Trades For Less Than $5)

One of the world's great stock experts is doing something crazy.

He went onstage and outed the details of an obscure stock that trades under a hidden name.

See the “leaked” footage here.

Now, keep in mind... this stock picking legend is known for his big trades.

He personally bought Apple in the '90s, when NOBODY thought Apple was going anywhere... and still holds every share.

He bought Amazon in the early 2000s... and still holds every share.

He even bought Netflix SIXTEEN years ago... and still holds every share.

I've looked through his personal trading records... and let me assure you, it's absurd how much he made on these trades.

But now he's done something I never thought I'd see. (Live camera footage here.)

He's outed a hidden stock - trading for less than $5 - that he says is the next big score.

Click here to see the details for yourself.

When he revealed what was going on to the crowd, they went crazy.

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