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In the last eight months, Adam O'Dell's top-performing stock picks have hit huge peak gains such as:

  • Plug Power Inc. ... a +684% gain in eight months.

  • Daqo New Energy Corp. … a +544% gain in seven months.

  • And MicroStrategy Inc. … a +526% in five months.

Even the average pick is beating the market by almost 3-to-1!

Yet O'Dell says these tech winners pale in comparison to the gains investors could see in his No. 1 investment trend of the 2020s.

It comes from a little-known technology that's about to explode into mainstream awareness. A technology that O'Dell calls "Imperium.”

His research says it will soon be the hottest investing story of the decade.

"Imperium's user base is growing at 5 times the speed of the internet in the 1990s. It could make the dot-com boom look small in comparison, unleashing the biggest stock market winners of the decade … perhaps ever.”

O'Dell has just picked his best Imperium plays — including one exciting company that trades for just $2 a share right now…

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