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3 "Next Gen Cryptos" You Need to Know About

Are you seeing this? Bitcoin just soared to another record high.

$66,000... up more than 400% from one year ago.

That’s huge. But after the historic launch of BITO, the only SEC-approved Bitcoin ETF, it’s certainly not surprising.

Crypto has finally gone mainstream. Wall Street is pouring in.

And yet... one respected analyst says BTC is “Nowhere near a top.” 

My good friend – and crypto expert – Andy Snyder agrees. We’re still at “the beginning of this revolution,” he just told me.

For all we know, Bitcoin could hit $100k as early as next week.

But Andy does NOT recommend buying Bitcoin.

Instead, he’s got his eye on three small cryptos that are technically superior... and he believes show far greater profit potential than Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major competitors.

“If you’re looking for huge wins in crypto, forget the big names,” Andy says. “These could do even better.”

It's these three "Next Gen Cryptos" you need to know about now.

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Alexander Moschina
Associate Publisher, Manward Press

P.S. Bitcoin has never been the ideal way to profit from the crypto boom. Find out why here.

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