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How Healthy Is Your Portfolio?

Set yourself up for success with easy-to-understand indicators that measure the true health of your portfolio, all powered by TradeSmith’s proprietary algorithms.

“The magic is in the math. Let me show you how my tools can help you make more money in the markets”
Keith Kaplan CEO, TradeSmith

With TradeSmith’s suite of money-making tools, you can invest with confidence.

“One of the best investments I’ve made. The value you get for the money is insane. It’s made me multiples of what I paid. TradeSmith*
–Derrick A.

"The TradeStops Alerts have been an invaluable aid to my stock trading. Without those alerts I would certainly have faced some big losses. The alerts have also prevented me from exiting too soon from some stock positions. Thank you for a great product."
– Bob D.

"I am addicted to TradeStops! It is the cornerstone for building and maintaining my portfolios. I use the positions page once or twice a week to see at a glance how each stock is performing and I never add a position without using the rebalancer and the position sizing page, I find the support to be excellent, and the webinars and blogs to be informative and interesting."
– Ernest G.

See how your portfolio stacks up against the markets, check your stocks for signs of toxic volatility, and take action to maximize your gains and cut your losers.

  1. Sync your portfolio privately & securely. (This tool is secured by 128-bit bank-grade encryption – your information is safe, protected, and never shared with third parties.)
  2. Access your interactive portfolio analysis via TradeSmith’s advanced tools.
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** The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

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