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Reverse ‘Money Machines’ Popping Up Across America

You probably haven’t seen one of these – YET.

But you will soon.

Machines like the one in this picture are popping up all across America.

If you’ve been to a concert venue, stadium, or airport, you’ve almost certainly walked by one without knowing.

The experts are calling it a ‘Reverse ATM’.

According to the New York Post, restaurants and other businesses are using them to avoid handling cash.

They’ve been installed at places like Citizen’s Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia…

Miami International Airport…

They’ve even been used at the Super Bowl.

Why are these machines suddenly appearing out of nowhere? And what does it mean for your money?

I recently arranged an interview with former Goldman Sachs managing director, Dr. Nomi Prins, to get her take. There’s nobody in America who’s more aware of the inner workings of the banking system.

In the interview, Dr. Prins explained these strange ‘reverse ATMs.’ And she said she expects them to play a key role this Summer as our nation’s financial system is overhauled for the first time since 1971.

According to her research, many Americans will be blindsided by what’s to come.

BUT, folks who understand the ‘Reverse ATM’ phenomenon before it becomes obvious to the average American could actually profit in the weeks ahead.

Dr. Prins accurately predicted the 2008 crash, the lockdown crash, and connected the dots between the White House and the Federal Reserve. And now, she says:

“My research shows the Fed is installing the infrastructure for a massive overhaul to our financial system, and I expect it to go live by the end of July.

In other words, time is short.”

To help folks prepare, she’s recorded a briefing that explains exactly what she sees coming, how it will play out, and how much time you have to prepare.

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