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600M People Suffer From Osteoarthritis

Invest In the Cure

Dear Trader,

600 million people suffer from osteoarthritis (OA) worldwide.

Over $240 billion per year is spent treating this debilitating joint disease with painkillers and other temporary solutions. But one biotech company has developed a breakthrough therapy that targets the condition at its core.

You have a chance to invest in that company  today.

Cytonics’ osteoarthritis treatment is the first patented biologic therapy capable of reversing the cartilage damage caused by OA.

So far, their FDA-approved medical device therapies have successfully treated 8,000 people.

Cytonics is currently developing a first-in-class biologic therapy to improve upon their osteoarthritis treatment technology.

The company is taking this breakthrough OA solution to human clinical trials in a few months. With FDA approval on the horizon, there’s no better time to invest in a strong biotech innovator.

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