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Triple Digit Gains In 24 Hours With This "Hacked Strategy"

Lance Ippolito, the "Blitz Tracker", has taken what he learned at Citigroup when he was managing almost $30 Million and coded his proprietary scanner that tells just when big money is about to head into a stock.

His private link shows how YOU could see up to 843% gains exactly 24 hours from the market close.

Most didn’t believe it was possible… until they saw a first user make a 500% return on one of their FIRST trades...

"I decided to take my Blitz trade in this current market and boy was I happy I did!... that trade went from $3.00 all the way to $15.00!"

That’s just the beginning…

The all-new "Blitz Tracker" has seen movements of 1,100%... 1,135%... and 1,360%+!

… Lance even says he has ONE new exciting trade on his radar.

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