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Woah: A GPS for the Nervous System?

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Few can imagine traveling with a paper map anymore. Well, that's the equivalent of today's technology when it comes to treating the human nervous system – but this estimated $100B medical industry may be about to get its "GPS" moment.

Intended Nasdaq Listing:

Autonomix is preparing a public listing as they develop technology to detect and treat a range of nervous system disorders like never before. And they're inviting early investors to get in now before a planned Nasdaq listing.

Potential Industry Disruption: While today's solutions are similar in size to a suitcase, Autonomix has achieved thousands of times more sensitive detection and analysis with the same microelectronics found in the Apple Watch – powered by a proprietary 1x2-millimeter microchip.

Proven Winners: Their team of scientists has a successful track record, with almost $600M in previous MedTech exits. And now, they see a potentially untapped $100B market opportunity like no one else can.

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