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What Top CEOs Are Doing With Their Money Now

It's a rollercoaster. In total, the Dow dropped 10,000 points in the pandemic sell off…

Then it shot back up 5,000. Enough to make you dizzy.

Now, people are asking one very important question: Is the time to buy now?

That's why I'm writing to you today.

Our Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green is on a mad rush to get some important information out to you.

He's discovered that the world's top CEOs and multimillionaires are doing something very strange with their money.

It doesn't happen often. But in a crazy market like this, all bets are off.

This situation is so important... and so rare... that Bill O'Reilly is joining Alex to help alert you.

Together, they're putting on an urgent online event on April 22.

They'll show you where the smart money is going... and why following it could help save YOUR retirement in the coming weeks.

But you have to act NOW » CLICK HERE TO RSVP FOR FREE.

The smart move is to RSVP right now.

Julia Guth
CEO & Executive Director, The Oxford Club

P.S. What you discover at the event could go down as, “The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time.”

That’s exactly what Alex Green is calling it. And Bill O’Reilly is investigating whether that’s true.

You won’t want to miss this.

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