These 3 Penny Stocks are Poised to Explode in

America’s Hottest Sector…



As countries around the world scramble to keep up

with a just-discovered weapons technology…


We could once again see gains of

13,668%… 31,121%… and 41,082%

Dear Reader,

Recently, China tested a new technology they’re calling an “aircraft.”

It’s called Starry Sky 2, and it hurtles through the air at 4,000 mph.

As you might guess, no aircraft on earth travels at that speed.

What they were recently testing – and have nearly perfected – is a technology so profound – and dangerous – it’s on the verge of making today’s missile defense systems obsolete.

This new technology is known as a hypersonic missile.

And it’s quickly put us on the brink of a new global arms race.

But I’m not telling you this to scare you.

The reason I’m here today is because this situation has actually spawned one of the great investment opportunities in history.

In fact, it could create a collection of millionaires that stands to dwarf anything we’ve seen in recent memory.

I’ll explain how you could potentially cash in for up to 40 times your money in just a moment…

But first let me briefly back up and fill you in on what exactly is happening here.

How to Play This

New $5 Billion Market

Over the past year, China, Russia, and the United States have fast-tracked research and development of a new kind of missile.

As I mentioned, it’s called a hypersonic missile.

In short, it can fly faster and farther than almost anything in existence.

It can also strike at targets in enemy territory without tripping even the most high-tech missile defense systems.

As Air Force General John Hyten recently said, “We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us.”

And this is why, over the past year, the world’s most powerful countries have stopped at nothing to make sure they’re prepared.

Russia has developed the Kinzhal.

China has the Starry Sky 2.

And the U.S. has two – Arrow and Hacksaw.

As you can see, this is already in full swing, and what it’s amounted to is a full-on global arms race.

And things are getting heated.

Last month, Mike Griffin, the Pentagon’s undersecretary of defense for research and engineering said, “We did the groundbreaking research. [China] has chosen to weaponize it. We need to respond.”

So it should come as no surprise that the U.S. Air Force just awarded $1.4 billion in contracts to defense companies…

Just to develop and test this technology.

Thing is, this is just the beginning.

JP Morgan predicts that by mid-2020, sales of hypersonic weapons alone will amount to more than $5 billion.

In just the next 18 months, we’re looking at a new and massive market.

And it could make investors like you rich.

Here’s why…

Last Time This Happened

$1,000 Turned Into $411,000

The last time something like this happened was the nuclear arms race between the U.S. and Russia.

It began in 1945 and lasted all the way until 1990.

And investors who took notice of defense companies at the time had the chance to get filthy rich.

You see, as both countries rushed to be first at the finish line, countless piles of cash flooded the coffers of tiny defense companies.

And their stocks absolutely skyrocketed as a result.

General Dynamics is now one of the biggest defense contractors in the world.

But it was once a tiny company, trading for just $1.31 per share on the open market.

So throughout the 1960s and 70s, as the Soviet Union and United States began rapidly replacing old missiles and warheads with newer, more powerful ones, General Dynamics went on a prolific run.

When the arms race officially ended in 1990, shares had already shot up by 396%.

But they weren’t done.

The company had gained a foothold in the defense sector and continued to land massive contract after massive contract.

All told, their stock went on a total run of 13,668%.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $137,687.

General Dynamics wasn’t the only company that went on this kind of run either.

There was also Lockheed Martin.

They’re also one of the biggest contractors now.

But once upon a time, you could have picked up shares of their stock for just 98 cents per share.

That was back in the 1970s, as the nuclear arms race was hitting full swing.

And Lockheed played a crucial role.

As you might expect, their stock exploded.

By 1990, when the arms race ended, investors who got in early could’ve banked 858% gains.

But it gets even better.

Because in total, shares of Lockheed shot up to $305.97.

That’s a total gain of 31,121%.

That turns every $1,000 invested into more than $300,000.

And as impressive as that is, Boeing stock did even better.

Shares of Boeing shot from 85 cents per share all the way to $350.05.

That’s a return of 41,082%.

If you’d put $1,000 into the stock early on, you could be sitting on more than $411,000.

With a $10,000 stake, you’d be a multi-millionaire.

And the list goes on of companies that people could have gotten filthy rich off of…

  • Raytheon shot up 1,957%
  • Northrop Grumman went up 4,009%
  • United Technologies exploded by 12,197%

A small investment in ANY of these companies could have made you rich.

Thing is, those opportunities are long gone.

But thanks to the new arms race we’re entering, a very similar opportunity has presented itself.

As defense spending goes parabolic, I see people starting to funnel their money into stocks like Lockheed and Boeing.

But that’s what everyone is going to do… and those companies are so immense that their stocks won’t make the biggest moves.

Instead, there’s a unique subset of stocks that most people overlook… and they ALL trade for under $10.

Some even trade for as little as a dollar… even less in rare cases.

And some of them have the chance to skyrocket like early investments in General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing did.

I call this subset – a group of stocks most people overlook entirely – Superstocks.

Don’t just buy stocks –


These specific stocks are much different than the big names you already know…

They do all the dirty work…

They have all the best ideas… and all the know-how…

And as defense spending goes vertical, these are the companies will be in prime position pay out absolutely INSANE gains.

Even better, like I say, they ALL trade for less than $10 per share… and ALL of them stand to shoot up by 1,000%… 2,000%… even 10,000%.

And investors who scoop up shares of these Superstocks by March 31st will have the chance to turn a small amount of capital into millions.

You see, the military is a TRILLION dollar industry.

And until now, companies like Lockheed, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman have been the go-to companies for contracting.

But that’s all about to change…

With so much money on the line, the “big guys” aren’t going to be the de facto contractors any longer…

The preference will go to those who can make the best product at the best price.

And there are three companies, right now, that are poised to absolutely crush it thanks to this shift in thinking.

It’s the same thing that happened during World War II.

Those who proved themselves worthy got the work.

Goodrich was one of those companies… but it traded cheaply and most people overlooked it entirely in favor of bigger names.

Yet, the stock surged by 20,800%.

There was also Savage Arms. They skyrocketed 14,600%.

And most impressive of all, a company by the name of Electric Boat took off on a 55,000% run.

THOSE are Superstocks. THOSE are the types of companies that turn ordinary investors into millionaires in just a few years.

And those are just three stocks that shot up during WWII… there were several others that shot up by 5,000%… 6,000%… and 10,000%.

The amount of money to be made at the time is mind-boggling.

Yet few people truly capitalized…

And we’re on the brink of a similar situation.

But you have to be willing to take action…

You can’t sit on your heels.

Millions of investors missed out during the WWII run… and even more missed out on the tech run that launched 18 years ago.

Of course, how do you know which of the hundreds of defense stocks are potential Superstocks?

Well, that’s the hard part… for most people.

But I’ve developed a proprietary 5-step checklist that helps me identify ONLY stocks that I consider Superstocks.

Public for the First Time EVER:

The Superstock Checklist

I’ve never before released this checklist to the public…

But I’m going to do so right here.


Because I don’t want to see another situation like the Internet boom where millions of ordinary investors sit on the sidelines and make chump change…

I want YOU to be a millionaire… and this is the best chance I’ve seen to do so in 18 years.

So how do you know if a stock is actually a potential Superstock?

Easy. It must fit each one of 5 simple principles…

Principle #1: The company MUST have

the potential to move by at least 1,000%

I don’t care if a stock is primed to shoot up by 800%. It’s not a Superstock.

A 1,000% move is the MINIMUM when it comes to this unique subset of stocks.

I’m looking for truly life-changing gains here…

The kinds of profits that will set you up for the EARLY retirement of your dreams.

The companies that fit this principle are early-movers… companies that, like I mentioned above, can get the job done at the best price.

These are ground-floor companies that are primed to make the biggest moves in the market.

In other words, if you want a 10-bagger, you need to think about the “new guys on the block” and forget about the multi-billion behemoths.

Principle #2: The company MUST trade

for less than $10

It might be common sense, but many people forget…

The higher the stock price, the harder it is for the stock price to go crazy.

It’s MUCH easier for a $3 company to go to $10 than it is for a $300 to hit $1,000.

Blue chips are slow movers. That’s not what I’m looking for here.

I want dynamic companies that trade cheaply… AND show the promise of at least 1,000% gains.

I don’t want to wait years and years for my gains… and I’m sure you don’t either.

I’d MUCH rather cash out for 1,000% in 6 months than wait years for a 50%.

So in order to be a Superstock, a stock MUST trade for less than $10.

In fact, many of these companies trade for even cheaper. Some you can claim for just a buck or so.

Principle #3: The company MUST be


The downside to small companies is that they can go bankrupt as quickly as they can go vertical.

I make sure to reduce as much risk as possible.

I put each company I look at through a strict analysis by using technical indicators, balance sheets, and global news.

I’d never put my cash into a company I think is unstable… and neither should you.

After all, you want to make millions not lose them.

In short, if a company isn’t making money and doesn’t have cash… it’s NOT a Superstock.

Principle #4: The company MUST be

a money magnet

If others aren’t investing in a company, neither should you.

And I don’t mean ordinary investors. Most regular folks won’t know about these companies, so of course they aren’t investing.

That’s why YOU stand to make so much cash.

I’m talking about money flowing in from government contracts… and huge cash influxes from top-tier hedge fund managers and insiders.

We’re looking at stocks here that are in the best positions to get huge contracts, produce large amounts of product, and bring in TONS of capital.

If that’s not the case, you shouldn’t be looking.

That’s how you lose money.

But if the government is piling money in – something that’s happening right this very moment with several Superstocks, you need to take notice.

Principle #5: There MUST be

an immediate catalyst

If a company meets all of the previous principles but not this one, it’s not a Superstock.

Remember, a Superstock MUST meet all 5 principles.

And this one is super important.

If there’s not a reason the stock will move in the immediate future, chances are you’ll be sitting on it for a while.

When I say catalyst I mean a large contract, a new government bill, or anything else that might cause a specific company to skyrocket.

Think about it…

In the medical world a company that’s announced a cure for cancer is the company that’s going to shoot up by thousands of percent… not the companies that are simply doing research.

Same thing in the defense world. We want to have a very good idea that a company is set to skyrocket so we know we’re putting our money in the right place.

So, if this all seems quite simple… that’s because it is.

And I run through hundreds of companies every day, applying these principles to every single one of them.

Then I run my technical indicators to narrow the list down even more.

And right now, I’ve settled on three Superstocks EVERY investor who wants to make a million dollars should own.

I’m going to give them to you today, too… for FREE.

But before I do, please allow me to introduce myself…

I look for 1,000% gains

on EVERY Superstock I uncover

My name is Ian Cooper.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve leveraged a blend of technical, fundamental, and news analysis to success with stocks, options, and ETFs.

I was one of the few that called the bottom and top of housing, the top of subprime and Alt-A, the death of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, the collapse of the UK economy, and the Dow’s drop to 6,500.

I even called for gold to rally well above $1,000 when it traded under $850.

I’ve shown thousands of investors how to exploit “market extremes” for lightning fast, short-term gains.

I’m not trying to brag here, though, far from it.

I just want you to see how serious I am about making money, and the road I’ve taken to do it.

That, and I want you to see my history of making bold calls so you realize I’m not pulling today’s prediction on the defense spending surge out of thin air.

You really do have the chance to become a millionaire by listening to what I’m saying today.

If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be here today.

I also want you to understand that I’ve put in the hard work it takes to act on these types of huge profit runs…

It’s a road many analysts haven’t traveled, and in most cases they couldn’t even if they wanted to.

I’ve grown my career in the industry of finance, and I’ve held so many positions that I’ve picked up more secrets and tricks for making money than most people ever get a chance to see.

And if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that you don’t need a degree from some fancy business school to be a successful investor.

I wasn’t exactly set up on the traditional path to investment riches.

But if I learned anything quickly once I got into investing… it’s that anyone can do it.

You just have to learn to do it right.

Many people don’t have the disposition or the emotional fortitude to handle investing the way the experts do it.

But everyone CAN if they want to.

They just have to be able to think outside the box a bit and temper their emotions.

I figured that out early, and I was lucky.

And it led to a great bit of success, for both me and those who invested their money with me.

So, yeah, you don’t need the investing pedigree of Warren Buffett to make money.

Like I said, you just have to be willing to think outside the box…

So while you may not have been keeping up with the defense stock boom that’s headed our way… that doesn’t mean it’s not quickly becoming THE best way to make money in the coming months.

Like I’ve said, I’m looking for 1,000% gains on EVERY Superstock I find.

And I’m giving you THREE of them today… for FREE.

And this is just the first collection of many companies coming down the pike that I have my eye on that have the ability to become Superstocks.

But I’m not worried about those other companies at this moment.

Right now, I’m pounding the table on three specific companies that are currently in position to benefit from the largest spending spree in government history.

In short, it’s time to BUY, BUY, BUY.

And today, I’m revealing the ticker symbols for these companies.

Not only that, I’m going to tell you when to get in (NOW), and when to get out.

I’m going to do all the heavy lifting for you.

I’m going to uncover stocks like these for you…

A perfect example is…

Shares of this Superstock handed investors a serious payday… at least those who knew when to take action…

While some people had their heads turned, looking for something better, shares of priceline skyrocketed from $22.51 all the way to a staggering $1,850.64.

That’s good for a gain of 8,121%… the type of gain few people ever cash in on (at least those who don’t know how to spot Superstocks).

Had you been in on this run, you could have turned $10,000 into $822,000.

And of course, there’s Amazon.

Their run was truly amazing… one of the best in the history of the stock market.

It’s the kind of thing every investor dreams about…

What would you even do with 49,000% gains?

The kind of run that turns $10,000 into nearly $5 million?

It’s hard to imagine, yet that’s how much some savvy investors made off their early investment.

That’s the power of Superstocks… which brings me to a question you probably have by now.

What exactly are the Superstocks I’m giving away for FREE today?

I’m glad you asked…

Revealed: Three 1,000%


As I mentioned earlier, the biggest opportunities on the planet are in defense stocks right now…

The gains stand to be very much like the examples I’ve shown you.

And there are three, in particular, that I’ve pinpointed…

Defense Superstock #1: America’s Cyber Savior

Right now, the scariest weapon in the world isn’t the nuclear bomb…

It’s the computer.

That’s right, the device you use every day at work and probably at home.

You’ve seen the headlines:

  • How the U.S. Department of Justice was hacked, exposing sensitive information
  • How 500 million passwords were stolen from LinkedIn, Tumblr, and MySpace
  • How 500 million accounts were hijacked from Yahoo

And these are just a few of the more recent hacks…

It has the Department of Defense on their toes, and it means that a large portion of their budget is heading towards cybersecurity.

Because it’s no longer a question of if the next attack will happen… but when.

And there’s one small company that is looking to benefit from this global trend.

It currently trades for around $9 per share, and they have everything needed to thwart future cyberattacks.

They provide the engineering and tech solutions to support the dissemination of information across the intelligence, cyber, and counterterrorism communities.

And because of the unique position they’ve put themselves in, I see them as the primary target when it comes to government contracting.

Remember, it won’t necessarily be the “big boys.” It’ll be whoever can get the job done right at the right price.

And this is just the first Superstock I see emerging from the defense spending frenzy…

Defense Superstock #2: Unmanned Flight

This stock might be one of the most exciting, and untold, stories of the military…

Since they were first used in war, fighter jets have been manned flying machines.

But one company (which trades at around $11 per share) is looking to change all of that at the fraction of the cost.

Put simply, they’re in position to kickstart a new generation of armed combat drones that can do the same things a fighter jet can.

And it’s no pipedream…

These guys already have a near-$20 million contract with the Air Force in place.

They also inked a $23 million deal with the aviation department of the U.S. Army.

And that’s on top of the $12 million deal they signed earlier with the U.S. government.

I think you see where this is going…

This is one of those companies that no one saw coming, yet it’s in HUGE demand.

Thing is, few people are paying attention. They simply don’t know about this.

In other words, it’s primed to deliver Superstock gains sooner rather than later.

And that brings me to the third Superstock I’d like to give you today…

Defense Superstock #3: The Aircraft Experts

Trump’s desire to spend as much as he can on defense is no secret…

His budget alone would increase the Defense Department’s spending to $574.6 billion… which would allow for the purchase of ships, new fighter jets and helicopters, 15 new air tankers, and help grow the U.S. military by 56,000 new service members.

And there’s one company that’s set to absolutely skyrocket due to these demands…

In fact, they’ve already nailed down:

  • A $14 million contract to produce assemblies for the AH-1Z Viper helicopter
  • A contract to repair and overhaul assemblies for the MH-53E Sea Dragon
  • A$53 million contract to supply wing components for F-16 fighter jets

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

These guys have a lot more in the works, and they’re primed to hit Superstock status thanks to the defense spending spree we’re seeing.

So how do you get your hands on these three stocks today?

Here’s how…

Don’t Miss Your Chance

at 1,000% Gains

In addition to my other top-performing advisory service, Triple Digit Returns, I started a new service…

And it revolves ONLY around Superstocks.

I named it, aptly enough, The Next Superstock.

Only in this case, I’m giving you THREE stocks… not just one.

And that’s because I want to kick off this service with a bang.

So I’m giving anyone who agrees to take a trial run of The Next Superstock today THREE stock picks for FREE.

This offer is ONLY available to Charter Members of The Next Superstock, however, and it’s only available right here today.

You simply agree to take a sneak peek at my never-before-released advisory service, and I’ll send you the ticker symbols of the THREE Superstocks I just told you about…

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You simply agree to take a look at my new service, and I’ll send you everything you need to know about the three Superstocks I’ve just uncovered.

Even better, as a Charter Member of The Next Superstock, you’ll get ALL of the following…

First, you’ll get all THREE special reports I’ve recently put together… each detailing one of the potential Superstocks I just told you about.

These three reports are:

  • Defense Superstock #1: America’s Cyber Savior
  • Defense Superstock #2: Unmanned Flight
  • Defense Superstock #3: The Aircraft Experts

But that’s not all..

Next, you’ll also receive immediate access to:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of The Next Superstock
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That’s a long list of benefits right there… and you get ALL of it for just agreeing to a test run of my new advisory service, The Next Superstock.

With just these three stocks alone, you could potentially become a millionaire.

At the very least, you could bank thousands of dollars in extra income.

You simply place the trades I give you, and you’re good to go. That’s it.

Of course I can’t guarantee what you’ll make. No one can do that.

But if history is any indicator, you can potentially make more money than you ever have before.

Remember, the last time this kind of defense explosion happened (during WWII), investors had the chance to bank some serious cash…

  • Goodrich stock boomed by 20,800%
  • Savage Arms took off for 14,600%
  • Electric Boat surged 55,000%

That’s the kind of money YOU could potentially make as a Charter Member of The Next Superstock.

Of course, you’re probably wondering how much it costs to become a member of my service.

Well, it’s so low I’m almost embarrassed to tell you.

But I’ll just go ahead and say it…

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If you don’t, we go broke!

Remember our research is 100% independent, so we’re not making any money on the side from crappy companies paying us to pump their stocks.

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When you think about it like that, you simply have to respond to this offer right away.

There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t…

Here’s What to

Do Now

Most people haven’t heard about the stocks detailed in these special reports. But that won’t last.

Word is getting out, and big institutional money is already moving in as defense spending surges.

Things are going to move fast, and you need to get in position now, not later, to ensure full profit potential…

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Ian Cooper

Editor, The Next Superstock



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