"A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." – MIT

A small $7 company is quietly positioning itself to reshape nearly every major industry in the world thanks to its discovery of…


Energy… Defense… Electronics… Medicine…

This life-changing innovation could change them ALL forever and turn every $1,000 into $467,000 for those that act NOW!

Dear Reader,

Everything is about to change.

Because thanks to the life-changing innovation I’m about to show you, practically every major industry on the planet could undergo a radical transformation.

  • Smartphones… that are both faster than ever imaginable and virtually indestructible.
  • Radars… so stunningly accurate that nothing will be able to hide from their view.
  • Gadgets (everything from TV’s to elevators) … able to repair themselves with self-healing circuits.
  • Military drones… that can shift their shape to camouflage themselves in any environment.
  • Computer programs… capable of being woven into clothes or even (get this!) the human body!
  • All thanks to what I’m calling – “Miracle Metal”.

    This revolutionary advancement is like something out of a sci-fi movie… only it’s very real.

    So real that the U.S. Department of Defense is moving full speed ahead to use it.

    So real that prestigious institutions from Harvard… to Stanford… to MIT are all singing its praises.

    And so real that it’s presenting YOU with the opportunity for jaw-dropping SUPER PROFITS in the months and years ahead.

    This isn’t a “distant future” type scenario either.

    Right now, a variety of industries across Wall Street and the world are feeling the impact of Miracle Metal.

    It’s already disrupting:

  • Military tech…
  • Our national defense…
  • Energy…
  • Consumer electronics… 
  • Telecommunications…
  • Even the medical and biotech fields!
  • Dr. John Zolper, VP of Technology at Raytheon, has stated that Miracle Metal is currently “changing your world.”

    An MIT professor says that this is a “once in a lifetime opportunity to change not only electronics, but the entire energy industry.”

    So, what is Miracle Metal?

    And how could it take a small $1,000 stake and explode it to as much as $467,000 for heads-up investors who act quickly?

    I’ll tell you everything you’ll need to know in a moment.

    But first, I want to give you a clear picture of the kind of potential gains you could be looking at here as Miracle Metal moves to the forefront of multiple trillion-dollar industries…

    We’re witnessing a historic shift…

    You see, the material that Miracle Metal is most often replacing is silicon.

    Silicon is more or less responsible for the technological golden age we live in today.

    It took things that folks were used to only dreaming about or seeing in movies and made them REALITY.

    Tech like…

    Without silicon we’d still be sending all our correspondence through the postal service… writing everything down with pen and paper… and looking up every fact, figure and piece of information at the library.

    It’s no wonder that the center of all tech innovation in the world today is called SILICON Valley!

    Silicon is so essential to modern society that ground zero of the tech world now bears its name.

    And the profits that have resulted from silicon-based products are astounding…

    It’s estimated that 143 billionaires have been created since it became the “go-to” material for just the tech industry alone.

    But Miracle Metal is leading a changing of the guard.

    On Wall Street… in Silicon Valley… and in scores of products around the world. 

    Potentially creating billions… perhaps even trillions for savvy investors who learn about it now – before it becomes a household name.

    The same way that silicon made fortunes for so many investors who jumped onto the back of the tech giants… the big defense contractors… cutting edge biotech companies and more…

    Miracle Metal has the very SAME potential behind it.

    And a small, little known $7 company sits firmly ahead of the pack, with a whopping 46 Miracle Metal patents in its back pocket.

    $7 a share… it’s literally mind-blowing that a company with this much of a critical advantage could possibly be trading so low.

    But it is. And it could take just ONE key announcement, partnership or deal to launch it up to $14… $30… $60… or even $100 a share.

    The writing is on the wall here. And it’s only a matter of time before the masses on Wall Street read it.

    And at that point, your chance at life-changing SUPER PROFITS will disappear in a blink of an eye.

    Imagine if you were at the forefront of the silicon boom back in the 199o’s.

    What if you bought Qualcomm and watched it soar 22,500%?

    Have you heard of Microchip Technology? If you had back then you could have watched it hit 24,441% gains.

    What if you moved quickly back then and bought Applied Materials? You could have walked away with a 57,400% return.

    If you’d bought share of Intel and watched it bolt 68,000%… well, you could have probably retired a long time ago!

    These types of profits are rare… but they’re also REAL.

    And the $7 company leading the charge on the Miracle Metal revolution happening right now… well it could very well offer you these kinds of profits. 

    45,169% to be exact… but really, even just a SMALL fraction of that kind of gain could hand you untold riches.

    An opportunity like this is part of a small subset of stocks that exist on the market today.

    I call them “Superstocks”.

    Let me show you why…

    The Key to a 49,000% Profit Run

    The kind of money you stand to make today at the dawn of the age of Miracle Metal is very much like that of the Internet boom that shot off 18 years ago…

    Back then you had the chance to get in on tiny companies that, today, are worth billions.

    In fact, look no further than stock market superstar Amazon.

    It’s a household name now, but back then shares were trading for pennies.

    Then this happened…

    I don’t know how many people rode this wave…

    But the few that did saw 49,000% gains come rolling in.

    Anyone who had the foresight to put $10k into Amazon back then had the chance to turn that stake into a staggering $4.9 MILLION!

    It’s almost unbelievable…

    But even more unreal is that something very similar is happening today…

    A potential 45,000% winner.

    Only this time it’s not driven by a tech surge… it’s thanks to Miracle Metal.

    But, like I’ve said a few times already, only a few people will make the REAL money here.

    Just like 18 years ago when only a few people really minted millions.

    In hindsight, it’s easy to say you should have bought Amazon early and held for the staggering profit run.

    But in 1999, it wasn’t so easy to say that.

    Instead, people were buying blue chip tech giants like IBM.

    Maybe they made some money, but they didn’t make 49,000%… or even anywhere close.

    And that brings me to today…

    As Miracle Metal stands on the edge of overtaking silicon and becoming a major part of industries ranging from consumer tech… to defense… to medicine.

    And this $7 company leading the charge on Miracle Metal production could take every $1,000 invested and turn it into over $467,000 over the long term!

    It’s part of a unique subset of stocks that most people overlook… capable of returning quintuple digit windfalls… and that ALL trade for under $10.

    Some even trade for as little as a dollar… even less in rare cases.

    And some of them have the chance to skyrocket like Amazon, Intel or Qualcomm did.

    I call this subset – a group of stocks most people overlook entirely – Superstocks.

    Don’t just buy stocks – Buy SUPERSTOCKS

    These specific stocks are much different than the big names you already know…

    They do all the dirty work…

    They have all the best ideas… and all the know-how…

    And as Miracle Metal revolutionizes everything from consumer tech to our national defense, this ONE $7 company will be in prime position pay out absolutely INSANE gains.

    Even better, like I say, ALL Superstocks trade for less than $10 per share… and ALL of them have the potential to shoot up by 1,000%… 2,000%… even 10,000%.

    And investors who scoop up shares of this particular $7 Superstock could have the chance to potentially turn a small amount of capital into millions.

    But in order for you to understand WHY this potential exists, I’ve got to let you know exactly what makes Miracle Metal so special…

    So take a look at this:

    It looks like silver ink right? Or maybe even mercury.

    But it’s not.

    It’s actually Miracle Metal.

    Yes, Miracle Metal can actually LIQUIFY!

    Here’s what it looks like as a solid…

    It looks like silver or even steel right?

    Well it’s not. Because it can do something neither of those can…

    Miracle Metal is so strong that if you hit it with a hammer, it wouldn’t break at all.

    And yet, you can actually pick it up in your hand and mold it into liquid form!

    Yup, it’s actually SHAPE-SHIFTING.

    Wild right?

    You might remember something similar to this from the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

    In it, the T-1000 Terminator is able to assume any shape or appearance it wants, by turning to liquid and then reforming into its new appearance.

    Well get ready. Because big-time Hollywood special effects are now a reality… and could change the world (and your portfolio) forever!

    Like I said, this isn’t mercury… or steel… or nickel… in fact Miracle Metal is probably something you’ve never even heard of unless you’re a hardcore science and chemistry fan.

    It contains a molecular structure unlike ANYTHING else on Earth.

    And that makeup allows it to do things that no other material in the world… or even the galaxy can!

    The U.S. Government has taken to calling it “smart metal”.

    But I think that’s a HUGE understatement.

    Because the implications of such a material on everything from smartphones to medical procedures, is truly… MIRACULOUS.

    Miracle Metal can actually be programmed to change shape ON DEMAND.

    It’s also self-propelling – meaning it can MOVE on its own! And here’s maybe the most amazing thing about it.

    If you break it up into pieces… Miracle Metal can REASSMBLE ITSELF! Break it in half and put one half on one side of the room and other half on the other side… and each piece will find each other and fuse back together!

    Again… just like in Terminator 2.

    Can you even fathom the U.S. military being able to defend our country with weapons or even robots made out of this incredible liquid Miracle Metal?

    No wonder the U.S. Department of Defense is all about harnessing the power of this groundbreaking material. 

    Or that scientists and scholars from MIT, Stanford and Harvard are studying it and raving about its applications.

    But that’s still years down the line. Let’s focus on what Miracle Metal is able to do for you right NOW…

    In fact, it’s currently DISRUPTING every industry on the planet, including:  

    See, as I mentioned earlier, silicon has largely been the go-to material for these industries.

    But after 30 years, silicon’s dominance is about to reach its end.

    It’s peaked. It can’t go any faster… get any smaller… or keep up with the cutting-edge tech that’s quickly becoming the standard in our world today.

    Physics.org says that silicon has been “pushed to its limits.”

    IBM has already placed a $3 billion bet that silicon is on its LAST LEGS!

    And Intel – the biggest silicon-chip maker in the world – indicates they’re moving in a new direction for their newest generation of chips, the 7nm.

    That’s where Miracle Metal comes in…

    Dr. Alex Lidow, a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford says that Miracle Metal just has “taken the torch” from silicon and is surging to the forefront of several industries.

    MIT News calls it “new silicon.” 

    And Wired Magazine reports Miracle Metal could be 6,000 times better than silicon!

    Starting to see why this $7 company could become the market’s next Superstock and return as much as 45,169% to investors who act fast?

    Well let me give you a few more reasons just in case…

    This $7 Superstock Could Hold the Key to a New Era of Technology…

    One thing I absolutely love about this company is that their founder made the decision from the get-go to lead the charge on Miracle Metal.

    He KNEW its potential was just too great to push aside in favor of a dying resource like silicon.

    And now, he’s maneuvered things so that his company holds the key to the new era of better, faster, and more powerful technology.

    You see, this company makes WAFERS out of its Miracle Metal.

    I’m not talking about cookies either.

    If you’re not aware, wafers are the what most technology is built upon.

    For three decades now, companies like Samsung and Intel have used silicon wafers to build their microchips.  

    These chips are the engine that drives our smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TV’s and much, much more.

    But as I mentioned earlier, silicon has peaked. It just can’t increase its power to these devices any more than it already does.

    Which means the $400 billion semiconductor market is looking for a NEW driver for its chips… and this $7 Superstock is looking more and more like the obvious choice to take the job.

    If Samsung needs Miracle Metal for a high-powered chip for their phones – odds are, this company is who they’ll call.

    If HP or Sony needs Miracle Metal for their fastest computer ever – it’s likely this company is going to be the one to supply it to them.

    And if the U.S. Government needs Miracle Metal wafers to build drones, or other defense tech – this tiny $9 company is ready to do business!

    Oh, and did I mention, they’ve got an astounding 46 patents protecting their intellectual property?

    And that they own the LARGEST Miracle Metal production plant in the world?

    While also setting the gold standard with their proprietary Miracle Metal wafer manufacturing process?

    The bottom line is this: this tiny $7 Superstock is on speed dial of many of the biggest tech players in the world today.

    Because they ALL want Miracle Metal!

    That includes:

    And that leads us to the most important question of all…

    How Much Could You Make from this $7 Miracle Metal Pioneer?

    Given everything I just told you, what if this company cornered just all 5% of its market share?

    Well that 5% would translate to annual revenues of $20 billion…

    And they’d still only be 1/10th the size of Apple.

    $20 billion also may SEEM like a ton of money… but in reality it wouldn’t even rank them in the top 500 revenue-producing companies in the world today.

    But they currently are only pulling in $98 million in revenue a year.

    So, making the leap up to even just $20 billion even a jump to a modest would mean a 20,000% revenue surge!

    Yes. You read that right – a 20,000% blast off!

    But in the long run I see MUCH bigger things for them.

    Because Miracle Metal is likely to overtake silicon and begin replacing it in chips for everything from Apple watches to XBoxes…

    I’m predicting long-term gains of 45,169%!

    That could turn a modest $1,000 investment into over $467,000.

    That could pay for luxury house in many states.

    It could pay for MULTIPLE college educations.

    Or it could allow you to retire 10, maybe even 15 years early!

    But you may be asking – despite all of the incredible and exciting things I’ve told you today about Miracle Metal and this small company…

    How do I know FOR SURE that it’s a future Superstock?

    Well, that’s the hard part… for most people.

    But I’ve developed a proprietary 5-step checklist that helps me identify ONLY stocks that I consider Superstocks.

    Public for the First Time EVER:
    The Superstock Checklist

    I’ve never before released this checklist to the public…

    But I’m going to do so right here.


    Because I don’t want to see another situation like the Internet boom where millions of ordinary investors sit on the sidelines and make chump change…

    I want YOU to be a millionaire… and this is the best chance I’ve seen to do so in 18 years.

    So how do you know if a stock is actually a potential Superstock?

    Easy. It must fit each one of 5 simple principles…

    Principle #1: The company MUST have the potential to move by at least 1,000%

    I don’t care if a stock is primed to shoot up by 800%. It’s not a Superstock.

    A 1,000% move is the MINIMUM when it comes to this unique subset of stocks.

    I’m looking for truly life-changing gains here…

    The kinds of profits that will set you up for the EARLY retirement of your dreams.

    The companies that fit this principle are early-movers… companies that, like I mentioned above, can get the job done at the best price.

    These are ground-floor companies that are primed to make the biggest moves in the market.

    In other words, if you want a 10-bagger, you need to think about the “new guys on the block” and forget about the multi-billion behemoths.

    Principle #2: The company MUST trade for less than $10

    It might be common sense, but many people forget…

    The higher the stock price, the harder it is for the stock price to go crazy.

    It’s MUCH easier for a $3 company to go to $10 than it is for a $300 to hit $1,000.

    Blue chips are slow movers. That’s not what I’m looking for here.

    I want dynamic companies that trade cheaply… AND show the promise of at least 1,000% gains.

    I don’t want to wait years and years for my gains… and I’m sure you don’t either.

    I’d MUCH rather cash out for 1,000% in 6 months than wait years for a 50%.

    So in order to be a Superstock, a stock MUST trade for less than $10.

    In fact, many of these companies trade for even cheaper. Some you can claim for just a buck or so.

    Principle #3: The company MUST be low-risk

    The downside to small companies is that they can go bankrupt as quickly as they can go vertical.

    I make sure to reduce as much risk as possible.

    I put each company I look at through a strict analysis by using technical indicators, balance sheets, and global news.

    I’d never put my cash into a company I think is unstable… and neither should you.

    After all, you want to make millions not lose them.

    In short, if a company isn’t making money and doesn’t have cash… it’s NOT a Superstock.

    Principle #4: The company MUST be a money magnet

    If others aren’t investing in a company, neither should you.

    And I don’t mean ordinary investors. Most regular folks won’t know about these companies, so of course they aren’t investing.

    That’s why YOU stand to make so much cash.

    I’m talking about money flowing in from government contracts… and huge cash influxes from top-tier hedge fund managers and insiders.

    We’re looking at stocks here that are in the best positions to get huge contracts, produce large amounts of product, and bring in TONS of capital.

    If that’s not the case, you shouldn’t be looking.

    That’s how you lose money.

    But if the government and massive tech giants like Samsung and AT&T are piling money into Miracle Metal –and thisthis $7 company I’ve been telling you about is the industry leader in its applications… then you NEED to take notice.

    Principle #5: There MUST be an immediate catalyst

    If a company meets all of the previous principles but not this one, it’s not a Superstock.

    Remember, a Superstock MUST meet all 5 principles.

    And this one is super important.

    If there’s not a reason the stock will move in the immediate future, chances are you’ll be sitting on it for a while.

    When I say catalyst I mean a large contract, a new government bill, or anything else that might cause a specific company to skyrocket.

    Think about it…

    In the medical world a company that’s announced a cure for cancer is the company that’s going to shoot up by thousands of percent… not the companies that are simply doing research.

    The same thing applies here. With 46 patents and dozens of big name companies (AND the government) shifting their products towards Miracle Metalthis $7 future Superstock has no shortage of catalysts behind it!

    So, if this all seems quite simple… that’s because it is.

    And I run through hundreds of companies every day, applying these principles to every single one of them.

    Then I run my technical indicators to narrow the list down even more.

    That’s how I identified this $7 firm I’ve been telling about today.

    And I’m going to give you its name and ticker symbol for FREE.

    But before I do, please allow me to introduce myself…

    I look for 1,000% gains on EVERY Superstock I recommend…

    My name is Ian Cooper.

    Over the last 20 years, I’ve leveraged a blend of technical, fundamental, and news analysis to success with stocks, options, and ETFs.

    I was one of the few that called the bottom and top of housing, the top of subprime and Alt-A, the death of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, the collapse of the UK economy, and the Dow’s drop to 6,500.

    I even called for gold to rally well above $1,000 when it traded under $850.

    I’ve shown thousands of investors how to exploit “market extremes” for lightning fast, short-term gains.

    I’m not trying to brag here, though, far from it.

    I just want you to see how serious I am about making money, and the road I’ve taken to do it.

    That, and I want you to see my history of making bold calls so you realize I’m not pulling today’s prediction on the recent surge in Miracle Metal out of thin air.

    You really do have the chance to become a millionaire by listening to what I’m saying today.

    If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be here today.

    I also want you to understand that I’ve put in the hard work it takes to act on these types of huge profit runs…

    It’s a road many analysts haven’t traveled, and in most cases they couldn’t even if they wanted to.

    I’ve grown my career in the industry of finance, and I’ve held so many positions that I’ve picked up more secrets and tricks for making money than most people ever get a chance to see.

    And if there’s one thing I learned, it’s that you don’t need a degree from some fancy business school to be a successful investor.

    I wasn’t exactly set up on the traditional path to investment riches.

    But if I learned anything quickly once I got into investing… it’s that anyone can do it.

    You just have to learn to do it right.

    Many people don’t have the disposition or the emotional fortitude to handle investing the way the experts do it.

    But everyone CAN if they want to.

    They just have to be able to think outside the box a bit and temper their emotions.

    I figured that out early, and I was lucky.

    And it led to a great bit of success, for both me and those who invested their money with me.

    So, yeah, you don’t need the investing pedigree of Warren Buffett to make money.

    Like I said, you just have to be willing to think outside the box…

    So while you may not have been keeping up with the Miracle Metal boom that’s headed our way… that doesn’t mean it’s not quickly becoming THE best way to make money in the coming months.

    Like I’ve said, I’m looking for 1,000% gains on EVERY Superstock I find.

    But that’s the base MINIMUM.

    Many of them fly even higher than that.

    And I believe this $7 Miracle Metal company I’ve been telling you about could do just that.

    To the tune of a potential 45,169% gain!

    And this is just one of many companies coming down the pike that have the ability to become Superstocks.

    But I’m not worried about those other companies at this moment.

    Right now, I’m pounding the table on this ONE tiny $7 company that could take a modest $1,000 and turn it into over $467,000 for early investors.  

    In short, it’s time to BUY, BUY, BUY.

    And today, I’m revealing its name and ticker symbol.

    Not only that, I’m going to tell you when to get in (NOW), and when to get out.

    I’m going to do all the heavy lifting for you.

    I’m going to uncover stocks like these for you…

    A perfect example is Priceline.com…

    Shares of this Superstock handed investors a serious payday… at least those who knew when to take action…

    While some people had their heads turned, looking for something better, shares of Priceline skyrocketed from $22.51 all the way to a staggering $1,850.64.

    That’s good for a gain of 8,121%… the type of gain few people ever cash in on (at least those who don’t know how to spot Superstocks).

    Had you been in on this run, you could have turned $10,000 into $822,000.

    And of course, there’s Amazon.

    Their run was truly amazing… one of the best in the history of the stock market.

    It’s the kind of thing every investor dreams about…

    What would you even do with 49,000% gains?

    The kind of run that turns $10,000 into nearly $5 million?

    It’s hard to imagine, yet that’s how much some savvy investors made off their early investment.

    And it’s what YOU could make if you act quickly on this $7 Miracle Metal company I’ve shown you today.

    That’s the power of Superstocks… which brings me to a question you probably have by now.

    How do you get your hands on this company today?

    Here’s how…

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