Former CBOE Trader stuns the market with a calendar that pinpoints profit opportunities like clockwork!

Extreme Profits Calendar
Details on how you can be among the first in the world to
access this groundbreaking profit strategy are now
available for the very first time….

Dear Reader,

There’s no “sure thing” in the stock market.

But over the last decade, between the dates of January 6th and February 12th – Netflix has proven to be as close as you can get…

Because for ten out of eleven years (2005-15) shares of the streaming video giant have jumped an average of $30.07.

Extreme Profits Calendar

Why does the stock go up so much every year at this time?

Is it because folks are buying subscriptions and gift cards as holiday presents for the friends and family?

Is it because more people are staying inside to watch TV during the cold weather months?

Is it just an incredibly weird coincidence? (probably not)

The truth is – it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that for 10 of the last 11 years Netflix made investors money.

Check out what happened in 2015…

Extreme Profits Calendar

Once again, during that window of time, January 6th- February 12th, Netflix flew up from $325.51 to $409.28 a share – a 26% gain on the stock!

But here’s the thing… I’m sure not many investors, including you, were racing out to buy Netflix at $325 a pop.

Even for a 26% return on your investment.

Good thing you didn’t have to.

Because you actually could have paid FAR less to invest in Netflix in January 2015… AND increased your gain to as high as 201%!

So to recap… if you had identified Netflix’s profit pattern in January 2015, you could have:

  • Invested knowing that Netflix has made money during this period 10 out of the last 11 years.
  • Been in and out of the trade in just a little over a month.
  • Invested in Netflix at a bargain price – way cheaper than its $325 share price.
  • And made gains as high as 201% on your money.

But only if you know the profit strategy I’m about to show you today…

Like I said… there’s no sure things on Wall Street.

There are however a few that come shockingly close.

And what I’m about to reveal to you is one of them.

I can say that because with over 20 years of market expertise under my belt, I’ve seen just about it all.

And the system that I’m about to introduce to you has flat out shocked me with how reliable its ability to make money is.

Look, you’re taking a risk any time you invest in the market. Anyone who tries to tell you differently is just lying to you.

But the specifically timed opportunities I’ll show you today ALL have AT LEAST a 90% track record of making money for investors over the last 10 years.

And it’s not because the potential gains are microscopic either.

I know the “conventional wisdom” is that you have to take a BIG risk to make BIG profits.

And in most cases, that’s true. But not with this system.

Because thanks to a special “turbo charger” that it employs, you could see triple digit gains, like the 201% return I just showed you.

And you won’t have to give up the reliability of that 90% track record of success to do it either!

Plus your average hold time usually clocks in at just a few short weeks.

So you’re not waiting months… or even years to see your wealth potentially grow. You’re usually waiting just days. Literally less than 3 weeks!

That’s less time exposing your money in the market – which of course means less risk of losing it.

And each and every week, the system I’m revealing to you today delivers at least THREE different opportunities to profit like this.

TWELVE opportunities for lightning fast double… even triple digit gains… every month.

You could set your watch to it… in fact you should.

Every Wednesday at 10:30 AM EST.

That’s when this system’s risk averse… lightning fast… potential profits are released to the public.

How do I know all this?

Because I helped create it myself.

The reliable fast profit strategy that will change the way you look at the calendar…

My name is Tim Biggam.

You may know my name from either my weekly appearances on. Bloomberg TV Options Insight or my CBOE-TV’s In The Money.

I’ve also had frequent appearances on Volatility Playbook on CNBC.

I don’t tell you all this to brag – only so that you know that the highest level of research and expertise has gone into developing this system I’m about to show you.

103% in 27 days…

39% in 22 days…

43% in 12 days…

127% in 11 days…

100% in 17 days…

39% in 5 days…

20% in 8 days…

101% in 24 days…

And 103% in just ONE day!!!

Those are just a few of the gains I’ve seen in my research of the strategy I’m about to show you.

And even more impressive is the absolute reliability in which they present themselves, time after time.

You may have thought I was exaggerating when I said you could set your watch to them but truly I’ve never seen a strategy with the ability to deliver you the chance for…

Clockwork Profits… All Year Long!


I actually call this system The Extreme Profits Calendar… and here’s why.

You may not realize it but on nearly every trading day of the year… usually about 252 of them… there’s a stock that has shown a repeated pattern of going UP.

Each and every year… over and over again.

I’ll show you what I mean…

For 14 out of the last 15 years, Inc. (FLWS) has delivered an average gain of 8.2% between February 12th and April 5th… the period from Valentine’s Day until it reports earnings.

Naturally expectations rise during this time as traders tend to believe flower sales for the holiday will push up FLWS’s earnings.

And history has proven they’re exactly right. So if you bought FLWS during that timeframe, you would have made money 14 times in the last 15 years – or 93% of the time!

The Mosaic Company (MOS) is a fertilizer maker that experiences a boost every year during growing season when farmers are buying their products in bulk.

11 of out the last 12 years Mosaic has delivered a gain if you bought it in late January and sold one month later in late February… holding it for just 20 trading days.

This winter, Mosaic went up 7% during that period – just like it has 91% of the time over the last 12 years.

Or how about purse retailer Coach Inc.(COH)?

Each year between October 24th and December 6th, while shoppers are lining up at the mall to purchase holiday gifts for their friends and family, Coach’s stock goes up an average of 11%!

In fact, it’s done this 14 out of the last 15 years – a 93% track record of profits!

All you’d have to do is purchase shares of Coach during this window and sell roughly a month later and you’d have made money 14 times since 2001.

Now before we go any further, I bet you have a few questions you’d like answered.

Such as…

So these trades are all based on seasonal trends?

You guessed it! They certainly are! Seasonal trends are one of the best indicators of future success for a stock that you can find in the market today.

People buy sunscreen in the summer… they buy candy canes in December… they buy hot dogs on the Fourth of July… and they buy leaf blowers in the fall.

Simple right? Well not as much as you might think…

Which leads me to the next question you may have:

Why do I need a system to tell me what companies will go up at what time of year?

Look it’s easy to understand why a company that sells winter coats and sweaters would go up starting in the late fall every year and then come down once the weather turns warmer.

But it’s not like that coat company starts making money instantly when the weather gets cold in November and keeps making money until the weather warms up again in April.

There are certain, short windows of time where a company’s seasonal trend is at its strongest point.

Where its track record has shown an incredibly high reliability of larger than normal profits.

And that’s where Extreme Profits Calendar comes in…

Because anyone can pick up on a seasonal trend, yes – but my system delivers to you ONLY trends that have a 90% or greater pattern of success over AT LEAST the last 10 years.

Just like 1-800 Flowers, Mosaic and Coach all have.

But you have noticed something about those examples…

The gains they delivered over those timeframes were just barely over 10%…

So that brings me to a question I want to ask YOU…

What if I could “turbo charge” those gains AND cut the time you’d wait for them down by weeks???

Because that’s exactly what I helped design the Extreme Profits Calendar to do.

Take a look at this…


As you can see above, The Walt Disney Company had gone up 9 out of the last 10 years between the dates of April 14th and May 10th.

Why is that? Kids are off for spring break and traveling to the theme parks? Disney releases a hit movie around this time every year?

Who cares? Forget about it… the only thing that matters is the trend. And Disney has shown a 90% track record of gains during this window.

Now the average gain for this time period for the last 10 years has been 8%… and lo and behold – once again in April 2016, that’s exactly how much Disney made!


Their share price on April 14th was $98.63.

And by May 10th it had risen to $106.60… an 8% gain. Talk about predictable!

However, using the Extreme Profits Calendar’s “turbo-charger” you could have taken that relatively small move in Disney’s share price…

… and actually have made 103% on your money in just 27 days!

And on top of that, you wouldn’t have had to pay anywhere near that $98 a share price in order to make that trade.

Yes, you’d actually have paid LESS to make MORE.

Here, I’ll show you another example…

For 9 the last 10 years, Apple’s stock has gone up during an 11-day period in July.

It doesn’t matter why – it just matters that it HAS. You can see for yourself above.

Okay so you know that from July 9-20th, Apple has a 90% track record of shooting up in price over the last decade.

But you can also see that simply buying Apple’s stock (which as I write this is about $100 a share!) doesn’t exactly get you a life-changing return.

For instance, last summer, Apple’s stock went up 10% during that 11-day timeframe.


A nice gain for sure… but when you’re paying $120 a share like you would have back then, it’s not nearly the kind of profit you’re going to feel great about.

But by using the same strategy that I follow inside my Extreme Profits Calendar system, you could have turbo-charged that gain in the same 11-day period and made 127% on Apple…

… instead of just 10%.

And to top it all off – you wouldn’t have had to spend thousands of dollars investing in either – because you could have traded 100 shares of Apple in this instance for just a few hundred bucks.

An 11-day trade…

That costs you thousands of dollars less than it would for you to own the stock…

With a 90% track record of success during the timeframe it was recommended…

That ended up delivering a gain as high as 127%!

This is exactly the type of trade that Extreme Profits Calendar is going to give you the opportunity to jump on when we officially open it to the public.

And in just a moment I’ll give you all the details on how you can be among the first in the world to take advantage of my system for fast cash infusions at least 12 times a month!

But first, here’s another example of the kinds of trades you could see inside the Calendar…

Doubled in 24 days…

For 9 of the last 10 years, between October 7th and November 3rd, shares of Gilead, a large biopharmaceutical maker, have gone up.

See for yourself…

And holding true to that 90% track record of success, Gilead went up again this past October during that same 24-day stretch.

Now if you’d just bought and held shares of Gilead for that period, you would have made 12% on your money.

But again, using the same “turbo charge” strategy as I’ll be fueling Extreme Profits Calendar with when we officially launch it to the public, that 12% gain…

… could have soared up to a 101% gain – without you ever having to buy single share of the company!

Sometimes the gains come so quickly you don’t even have time to blink!

103% in ONE DAY…

Between September 12th and 18th travel booking company Priceline saw its price jump in 9 of 10 years.

In 2015 it happened again… but this time it shot up from $1,290 to $1,320 in just one day


If you were a Priceline shareholder you would made a 2% gain on your investment…

And who wants to pay $1,290 a share to make 2%?

But if this had been a Extreme Profits Calendar trade recommendation, you could have turbo-charged this trade using my system and made 103% in 24 hours!

Another opportunity to double your money would have come from Nike…

Since 2005, Nike has made gains every year except one, during the window of September 15th and October 1st…

And last year was no different…

During that timeframe Nike’s stock rose from $112 to $125 a share… good for an 11% gain on the stock.

But once again, if this had been a Extreme Profits Calendar recommendation, we would have turbocharged that return… allowing you to pay far LESS than $112 a share… and make far MORE of a profit.

A profit of 100% to be exact… enough to DOUBLE your money in only 17 short days.

Can you imagine what it would be like to collect double… even sometimes triple digit gains like the ones I’ve just shown you, MULTIPLE TIMES every month?

You could make that thought a reality just a few moments from now when I reveal how you can be one of the first people in the world to claim access to the Extreme Profits Calendar.

But first…

Here’s what The Extreme Profits Calendar is NOT…

Usually when you hear “Extreme Profits” mentioned in a sentence it’s followed quickly followed up with words like…



Penny stocks.

Day trading.


Not so with the Extreme Profits Calendar.

Because my system:

  • Does NOT trade on speculative companies or penny stocks… ONLY well established, historically successful names. Usually blue chips – like Disney, General Mills or Pepsi.
  • Does NOT make a single recommendation to invest in any company that hasn’t shown AT LEAST a 90% track record of success during the time period it pinpoints.
  • Does NOT require you to sit by your computer all day every day waiting for a sell signal.
  • And does NOT require you to outlay a ton of money into its recommendations… even if the stock is priced the hundreds or even thousands of dollars per share!

What the Extreme Profits Calendar enables you to do is invest with confidence in rock solid companies whose seasonal trends have been established over at minimum a full decade.

And with my “turbo charger” working for you – you’ll pay less to invest in those companies and increase your potential gains exponentially!

Okay by now I’m sure you’re wondering what that turbo charger actually is.

It’s simply using options.

Perhaps you’ve got some hang ups when it comes to options… and I get that. Options truly are the world’s most misunderstood investment vehicle.

Yes, they’re not as simple as just buying and selling a share of stock. But what about when that share of stock costs $200… $500… or even $1,000?

How much sense does it make to put out that much money just for ONE measly share of a company?

Options allow you to invest in those same companies… like Apple, Nike, Netflix… even Priceline which costs an astronomical $1,346 a share as I write this… for as little as pennies on the dollar.

That means you’re risking far less of your hard earned money in the market. In fact you could buy hundreds of options contracts of these companies sometimes for LESS than it would cost you to buy ONE share of their stock.

So not only are options less risky, they’re also far cheaper AND because we only need a small movement in the underlying stock’s share price for the option contracts to make a much bigger move…

… you can end up raking in triple digit gains instead of single digit gains while paying a fraction of what the stock is worth!

For instance, take a look what applying the Extreme Profits Calendar system to this trade on Monsanto last fall could have done for you.

A 5% gain… or a 100% gain. Which would you rather have?

As always, Monsanto had shown a 90% track record of going up in between October 19th and November 26th over the last decade.

And this past October, it did so once again… just like clockwork!

Now if you’d just bought shares of Monsanto you would have seen your investment go up around 5% during that timeframe – from around $90 to around $95 a share.


However if you used the turbo charger – that 5% move on the stock would have ended up DOUBLING your money with a gain of over 100% on a call option spread play!

Do you see what I mean?

The option spread plays I’ll be using use are perfect for the short trading windows I’m looking at with these seasonal trends.

They’re designed specifically to allow you to potentially profit off of some of the best, but also most expensive, companies on Wall Street in the short term.

And to pay far less than shareholders to do it!

Option spreads are much simpler to execute than you may think. In fact, inside Extreme Profits Calendar I’ll tell you exactly which specific contract to purchase.

It’ll be laid out so basically for you that you’ll be able to call your broker and read my alert out verbatim over the phone.

The same thing goes for when it’s time to sell.

Now I know you may not be uncomfortable with options at all. In fact maybe you’ve been trading them for years!

If so, that’s great. Your experience will only serve you that much better here.

But if you’re a novice when it comes to options, you 100% CAN use the Extreme Profits Calendar too.

Because I’ll supply you with step-by-step, easy to understand resources that’ll allow you to learn and become more comfortable with options as we go.

Either way, the ability to transform these short and reliable seasonal trades from single digit gains all the way up to triple digit winners is an opportunity you really can’t pass up.

And in a moment I’m going to make it even easier for you to try out my strategy with next-to-no risk to you.

Every day – another trend… another opportunity

Just in case you’re still not convinced of the power of using these seasonal trends to your profitable advantage… just consider this:

  • Between March 25th and April 10th Bed Bath & Beyond has made gains 95% of the time over a twenty-year period…
  • Buying Clearfield Inc. on December 15th and selling it on January 15th has delivered profits 93.8% of the time since 2001.
  • Between November 1st and November 14th TriCo Bancshares consistently delivers gains. It’s gone up 13 out of the last 14 years (the stock’s entire trading history) … or 92.8% of the time.
  • Altria Group, Inc. has a winning percentage of 93.8% in the 15 years since 2001 for those who bought on December 15th and sold four weeks later.
  • From 1996 through 2016 Exelon Corporation had added profits for investors 90% of the time during a window starting on March 21st and ending on May 5th.
  • Since 1996 when the stock first began trading, buying on April 15th and selling four weeks later on May 13th would have also made you money 90% of the time on Liquidity Services Inc.
  • And buying Hanes on February 25th and holding for the next six weeks has been a winning trade 100% of the time since the company went public in 2006.

Is it starting to sink in yet?

Those are just a small sampling of the kinds of seasonal trend opportunities occurring nearly every day in the markets.

Trends you’d be hard pressed to ever have the time, energy or technology to ever pinpoint for yourself.

But with a system like the one I’ll be employing inside my new Extreme Profits Calendar trading research service – you can have as many as TWELVE of these opportunities delivered right to your inbox every month!

Every Wednesday at 10:30AM, I’ll be releasing THREE new seasonal profit opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Each one will have at minimum a 90% track record of success over the last 10 years during the window I recommend it…

Each one will have an average hold time of a month or less (sometimes slightly longer, but not often).

And each one will enable you to invest in a company for far less than the share price of the stock AND allow you to turbocharge your gains… even if the stock only goes up a few percentage points!

But it’s all well and good for me to TELL you that… so how about if I show you it too?

Here have a look at what I’ll be pulling up on my screen every day when I’m conducting my research for the next Extreme Profits Calendar recommendations…


You’ll see my system is only bringing me stocks with a 90% win rate during a specific timeframe each year. .

And that it also pinpoints the precise timeframes, from start to finish, where that seasonal trend occurs.

You can see the number of days each trend takes place over too… and that most of them are less than a month.

I can even see what the average gain on the stock has been over these periods. Which enables me to know what kind of potential profit we may see by turbocharging that gain with an option spread play.

The Extreme Profits Calendar system is quite simply some of the most sophisticated, reliable and effective technology I’ve ever used in my career.

And I’ve seen a lot…

Join me for what could be the most profitable year of your life.

Look, in my role as Lead Option Strategist and professional trader over the last 20 years, I have dealt with retail, institutional, and professional clientele in helping to educate and structure trades that best fit their time, price, and volatility viewpoint.

My driving goal is to pass my passion for the markets and options in particular along to new and more advanced traders alike.

And today I’m officially adding the title of executive editor of The Extreme Profits Calendar to my resume.

And by virtue of opening this presentation – you now have the opportunity to become one of the first people anywhere in the world to access this powerful new trading service.

A service and strategy that features:

  • Trade recommendations that possess ONLY a 90% or better track record of profiting during the timeframe they’re issued.
  • The ability for you to invest in the world’s best companies at far less than it would cost you to buy their shares outright.
  • An average hold time of less than a month.
  • And at least 12 trade opportunities delivered to your inbox EVERY month!

But I’m sure by now you’re wondering just what EXACTLY you’ll receive as a charter member of my Extreme Profits Calendar. So let me lay it all out for you.

You’ll receive:

  • THREE new Extreme Profits seasonal trend opportunities every Wednesday at 10:30 AM. Remember – over the last decade these recommendations will NEVER have less than a 90% track record of success during the timeframe I issue them.
  • Precise alerts on when to sell every trade recommendation I issue inside the service. Because I can’t predict exactly when we’ll be approaching maximum gains for a trade, these can come at any point in the week – but as a member, you’ll receive an immediate text message or email that lets you know when one’s been issued – so you can go about your business as normal, knowing that I’ll contact you when it’s time to cash out.
  • A 10-minute video recap every Saturday which will review any active trade recommendations and what I foresee for them, plus a preview of my strategy for Extreme Profits Calendar going into the next week.
  • Members only access to our private website where our model portfolio will track all of our open and closed recommendations. Every alert I ever send out will also be archived there for you to go over so you don’t have to clog up your inbox with them.
  • THREE FREE BONUS REPORTS. I’m including these extra materials in here so that you can really dive in and get a true sense of how I’m making my recommendations and the amount of research behind them. Each of these could be sold individually but instead I’m going to include them at no additional cost for all Extreme Profits Calendar charter members. You’ll receive:

BONUS REPORT 1: How to Profit from Seasonal Market Trends

This report is a deep dive into seasonal trading strategies. Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to apply these strategies with precise buy and sell rules
  • How to create your monthly seasonal trading plan and…
  • The most exciting part, how you can use a spreadsheet to apply the powerful mathematical technique used by market professionals to uncover seasonal trends in any investment in the world today.

BONUS REPORT 2: Your Complete Guide to the Sell in May and Go Away Strategy

Many investors are aware that stocks tend to do worse from May through October than they do in the other six months of the year. This problem affects stocks of all sizes and is seen in markets around the world.

In this report, we transform that problem into an opportunity and show you three market-beating strategies that have performed BETTER than switching to cash for summer.

I’ll also explain why switching to cash could still be the best choice for you, even if it does mean lower returns.

Most importantly, I’ll provide you with the data you need to develop your own strategies in case one of the tools we provide doesn’t meet your personal goals. And speaking of strategies…

BONUS REPORT 3: The “Turn of the Month” Strategy

Did you know that since January 1990, during the last three trading days of the month and the first three of the subsequent month, 86% of the overall price gains in the S&P 500 have occurred?

Those six days make up 26% of the trading days on Wall Street every year. And outside of this period, the market basically sits unchanged, going up only 3.8%.

To put it another way, an investor would have achieved 86% of the returns but taken on only 26% of the risk by being in the market only during this six-day period!

This report details everything you need to know about this unique trend and the strategy you can use to capitalize on it with less risk than you would being in the market constantly!

So then let’s recap…

As a charter member of the Extreme Profits Calendar you’ll be one of the first people in the entire world to receive these turbocharged seasonal trend opportunities.

Three recommendations per week… twelve a month… ALL guaranteed to have at least a 90% track record of success during the time period in which they’re issued.

Precise buy and sell alerts so that you never have to guess when to enter or exit a trade.

A weekly Saturday video portfolio update and strategy session.

And THREE free bonus reports.

But remember how I mentioned that I wanted to transfer as much of the risk of trying Extreme Profits Calendar as possible off of you?

Well I truly do want you to give my research a fair try for yourself without much worry.

That’s why I’d like to offer you a 30-day trial of Extreme Profits Calendar for just $7.67.

That’s it. Less than 8 bucks to receive everything I just laid out for you… including TWELVE seasonal trend profit opportunities in that month alone!

These are actionable trade recommendations you can either invest in or decide to paper trade over those 30 days. That way you can put my research to the test without having to risk nearly a thing.

And I’m totally confident that at the end of that 30-day trial, you’re going to want to stay on for what could be the profitable year or YEARS of your life.

But if you’re not convinced, simply contact my member services team and they’ll promptly cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

If you do decide to stay on, you’ll be automatically billed the regular price for Extreme Profits Calendar of $197 a month.

$197… you could potentially make 10 times that amount in your very first trade opportunity!

That’s truly the power of the Extreme Profits Calendar system. And I sincerely want you to try it for yourself to find out.

Don’t forget the results that trades like the ones I’ll be issuing in Extreme Profits Calendar have produced over the last few years:

103% in 27 days…

39% in 22 days…

43% in 12 days…

127% in 11 days…

100% in 17 days…

39% in 5 days…

20% in 8 days…

101% in 24 days…

And 103% in just ONE day!

And don’t forget that all of these plays had a 90% track record of success behind them during the times they were recommended…

Think about it: if you knew that was the case – how confident would you be to invest in them?

Confident enough to bank some of the biggest and fastest gains of your life?

Because that’s what Extreme Profits Calendar was designed to help you do.

One of these insanely reliable seasonal trends is happening every day the market is open. If you’re not taking advantage of them, you’re just not trying.

Simply accept your 30-day trial and put them to the test.

Become a charter member of Extreme Profits Calendar today!

Extreme Profits Calendar join now

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,

Tim Biggam

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