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Dear Reader,

When you think of stock charts, you probably think of a bunch of dots and lines that tell you how a company has performed over a few days, a year, or even a decade.

You might even be familiar with some of the more common types of charts out there…

Like head and shoulders, double tops, or even wedges.

But did you know there are actually five variations of head and shoulders charts?

Or that there are three different types of double tops?

Or that wedge charts have two varieties?

If you did, then you’re ahead of the game.

But if you’re like most investors, what I just told you probably came as a bit of a shock.

After all, even experienced investors I’ve spoken with have no idea what they’re really seeing when looking at stock charts.

However, the minute you’re able to fully understand what type of chart pattern you’re actually looking at…

It’s so much easier to make tons of money.

And that’s why our team here at Trading Tips has been burning the midnight oil in putting together the most comprehensive book on stock charting I’ve ever come across.

Better yet, the book I’m about to tell you more about is FREE to you today (so long as supplies last).

And if that’s not good enough, I’m going to reveal THREE of the patterns from the book right here in this presentation.

So let’s get into it…

“The most important skill you’ll ever learn.”

It’s no secret that a quick glimpse at a stock chart can tell you whether share prices of a company are headed up or down…

But a longer look at that same chart can reveal several secrets that aren’t so apparent with just a fast peek.

And it’s these secrets that often tell the difference between whether you’re about to lose your shirt or rake in a dream payday…

Which is why it’s no surprise that Investor’s Business Daily says,
“Chart-reading is the single most important skill you’ll ever learn.”

And the first step is understanding what these charts actually represent.

As I mentioned, you can quickly check out whether a stock is up or down…

But it’s important to realize why it’s happening.

You see, fund managers and institutional investors account for 80% of all trading activity in the market.

And that’s because they’re moving millions of dollars around at a time.

This activity either pushes stocks up or down…

So your goal is to buy stocks the big boys are buying and avoid stocks they’re selling.

Sounds simple, but it’s not.

And this is where stock charts come in.

Once you know what to look for, you’ll quickly understand that these charts show you, quite clearly, what these mega-investors are doing.

And you can use this information to buy, sell, or hold your stock positions.

Thing is, there’s no “magic bullet.”

There’s no single chart pattern that you can use every time.

And that’s why I’m here today…

Something You Might Be Wrong About

And in case you’re not familiar with Trading Tips

Let me briefly fill you in:

Our stable of analysts includes a chartered market technician, who spent more than a decade as a trading coach for Investools. He was also the Lead Option Strategist at Thinkorswim and the Chief Option Strategist at Man Financial. He’s also frequently spotted on CBOE-TV, First Business, Bloomberg TV, and In the Money.

We have top-tier market connections in every corner of the world.

Our investment analysts boast not only incredible track records of highly profitable calls, but also a knack for uncovering the most powerful wealth-generating secrets in the world.

All together we’re talking about more than 60 years of combined stock market experience and analysis…

Which gives us the unique ability to produce some of the best unconventional money making strategies available to individual investors like you.

It’s been our goal since we opened our doors back in 2006 to help people become better, smarter traders and to build long-term relationships with our loyal base of readers.

And one way we’ve done that is by delivering investment information that drives our readers to incredible success.

That’s why I’m thrilled to share our free Big Book of Chart Patterns with you today for FREE.

In total, our team has put together a comprehensive collection of every chart pattern you, as an investor, should know if you really want to succeed in the stock market…

Because it’s just not enough to simply glance at a chart and buy a stock based on what you see in just a few seconds time.

And as I mentioned earlier, even when you think you know what you’re looking at, there are often hidden secrets that can change everything.

For instance, take a look at this chart…

This is your classic head and shoulders chart…

And if you’re familiar with it, you know that it’s a bearish signal.

In other words, it tells you it’s time to sell.

Easy enough, right?

Well, not really.

While this chart, in particular, is a signal to sell…

There’s actually another version of this very same pattern that is actually a signal to buy.

Do you know what it looks like?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t. Most people have no idea.

But my point is, there are hidden secrets in almost every stock chart.

And many times, these secrets are the difference between losing money and making out like a bandit.

The good news is, our Big Book of Chart Patterns – which is absolutely FREE to you today – shows you these pattern variations so you can easily spot the perfect times to buy and sell whatever stocks you’re looking at.

In fact, we reveal every head and shoulders pattern – along with exactly what they look like – on pages 23-27.

But we don’t just cover the five variations of head and shoulders charts…

In the Big Book of Chart Patterns we also cover some of the lesser known patterns…

These are patterns even experienced investors often overlook or don’t even know about.

And I’m going to show you THREE of them right now.

Consider this a sneak peek of your FREE copy of the Big Book of Chart Patterns.

Three Stock Chart Patterns You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Have you ever heard of a chart pattern called pipe tops?

Well it looks something like this:

But what does it mean?

It’s an indicator of a pending correction due to the end of aggressive buying by institutional investors.

In other words, the stock price is most likely in for a pretty big hit.

Those who know about this chart pattern will understand it’s a sure sign to sell.

Or at the very least, it’s a stock you don’t want to buy.

And you’ll learn all about pipe tops on page 34 in the Big Book of Chart Patterns.

So what about a bullish pattern? A signal to buy?

Well, that would be a pattern called rounding bottoms…

It’s obvious here that the stock eventually went up…

But earlier on, if you didn’t know the rounding bottoms pattern,
you might see a stock that’s been bouncing up and down and avoid
it at all costs.

That’s what most people would do.

But if you know what this particular pattern means, you’ll know that it’s actually the perfect time to make a purchase… and wait for the potential massive gains everyone else missed out on.

So it’s a good thing we reveal everything about this pattern in the Big Book of Chart Patterns (on page 37).

There’s also this pattern:

This one is called scallops.

And it’s another signal to stay away.

Again, you can see the end result here. The stock flat-out tanked.

But if you can identify the pattern early enough (which you’ll find on pages 39-42), you’ll understand exactly when to sell.

Now if you’ve never heard of these patterns, or you’re just plain confused, that’s completely understandable.

But it’s also not a problem at all.

We cover everything in your FREE copy of the Big Book of Chart Patterns.

Plus, in addition to the three patterns I just showed you, we cover 47 additional patterns that are essential to every investor.

So how do you get your FREE copy of the Big Book of Chart Patterns?

I’m about to show you…

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First, I do have to warn you though…

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We’ve covered the cost of research, writing the book, printing, publishing, and packaging.

So we simply ask that you cover the small shipping fee.

If you can agree to that, we’ll immediately get your book in the mail.

And once you have it in hand, you’ll immediately have access to:

A chart pattern that appears often but you’ll definitely want to avoid trading (page 2)

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A chart pattern that could help save you from being “trapped” in a trade (page 30)

A chart pattern that can actually indicate a bear trend not only in a single stock but also in the market overall (page 43)

And that’s just an idea of what you’ll receive…

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With all of these ebooks in hand (along with the physical book I’m going to mail you), you’ll have a complete arsenal at your disposal that will give you the opportunity to fire away at the stock market and knock down some of the biggest profits you’re ever likely to see.

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