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“The $7 Retirement Blueprint”

For forty years, one simple secret has turned ordinary investors into millionaires…

And today I reveal why it takes just $7 to get started.

Dear Reader,

Today, I’m going to share a secret with you.

It’s a secret that’s been used for decades and is one of the most powerful wealth-generating stock market strategies in the world.

Over the past forty years, it’s turned ordinary investors into millionaires…

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Now, this isn’t some “get rich quick” scheme or some “work from home” gimmick.

What I’m about to reveal is a very specific investment strategy that’s allowed people from all walks of life to change their financial lives forever.

And you can join them today by finding out:

What it takes to not only make money but to also build a lasting legacy of generational wealth in the process

How to “read” the future in order to make money today

Why taking a contrary view of money could be the real key to landing a continual stream of income

How a small series of “ripple effects” can tell you exactly which stocks to buy and when to buy them

Why “The $7 Retirement Blueprint” gives you the opportunity to earn more in a year than others do in their entire lives

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too…

Because when I reveal this investment strategy today – and how you can get started for just $7 – you’ll also learn…

How to unlock monster gains thanks to the “green revolution”

The one secret most pot investors won’t tell you

A certain sector that Baby Boomers are causing to go parabolic

The one movement that might just change how we see the world

How the domestic oil boom could still pay out record gains

Why uranium is the greatest profit story you’ve never heard

And again, this is just sampling.

There’s much, much more involved here. 

It’s why I’m so confident this could be the most valuable information we’ve ever released.

In short, you’re about to get the inside track on how to achieve financial independence, how you could start building a legacy of wealth today, and why you could be the next amazing success story in the world of money…

Give me just the next few minutes, and I’ll reveal it all.

More Than 60 Years of Stock Market Experience

But first, if you’re not familiar with us here at Trading Tips

Let me briefly fill you in:

Our stable of analysts includes a chartered market technician, who spent more than a decade as a trading coach for Investools.  He was also the Lead Option Strategist at Thinkorswim and the Chief Option Strategist at Man Financial.  He’s also frequently spotted on CBOE-TV, First Business, Bloomberg TV, and In the Money.

We have top-tier market connections in every corner of the world

Our investment analysts boast not only incredible track records of highly profitable calls, but also a knack for uncovering the most powerful wealth-generating secrets in the world.

All together we’re talking about more than 60 years of combined stock market experience and analysis…

Which gives us the unique ability to produce some of the best unconventional money making strategies available to individual investors like you.

It’s been our goal since we opened our doors back in 2006 to help people become better, smarter traders and to build long-term relationships with our loyal base of readers.

And one way we’ve done that is by revealing factual, timely, and actionable advice.

Which is why I’m so excited to share “The $7 Retirement Blueprint” with you today.

1,700 New Millionaires Per Day

The best part is, it’s actually far easier to build real wealth than you’ve probably ever considered possible.

Recent studies show that 1,700 Americans are becoming millionaires every single day.

That means over the next year, more than 600,000 millionaires will be created.

So why can’t you be one of them?

Thing is… you can.

Sure, some of those people probably won the lottery or got extremely lucky with some risky penny stock…

But the majority of those people didn’t.

They earned it with a little bit of patience and elbow grease…

The very same kind of information you’ll learn once you have “The $7 Retirement Blueprint” in hand.

Bloomberg calls this “the largest generational transfer of wealth in history.”

And it’s high time you grab your piece of the ever-growing mountain of cash that is making people richer than ever.

Thing is, it’s not always easy to determine where the biggest money is being made…

And that’s why you need “The $7 Retirement Blueprint.”

It’s the clearest, easiest-to-understand wealth generation tool we’ve ever put together.

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This Tech is Worth 10 Microsofts

The best part about “The $7 Retirement Blueprint” is what you’ll find out almost immediately.

It’s packed full of some of the most important money making information you’ll ever come across.

I’m talking about things like…

Five massive trends – playing out right now – that are only getting bigger

A little-known metal that’s never been more in demand

How to tap into the fastest growing industry on earth

Why the “silver tsunami” is poised to mint millionaires

The one tech Bill Gates says is worth 10 Microsofts

It’s all in “The $7 Retirement Blueprint.”

Thing is, this “blueprint” isn’t available for sale anywhere.

You won’t find it on Amazon or eBay.  You won’t find it sitting at brick and mortar shops.

One reason is that we’ve never officially released it.

Another reason is that we’ll never offer it for sale through third-party vendors.

This is a proprietary collection of investment information.  The first of its magnitude that we’ve ever published.

That’s why today is so important.

I want to send you a copy of “The $7 Retirement Blueprint” today.

I have full confidence that it will work for you, because the investment strategy you’ll have access to has worked for so many others…

What Would You Do With 106,500% Gains?

Everyone knows Amazon’s success story. 


But back in 1997, few people understood what kind of run the company would go on.

Those who did, however, had the chance to cash in for some truly incredible gains.

Now, twenty years later, the stock trades at around $2,000 per share.

Most people missed out on these 106,500% gains.

Maybe you did too.  But if you’d had “The $7 Retirement Blueprint” at hand, you might have seen this life-changing opportunity before it happened.

And if you had, you could have turned just $1,000 into almost a million bucks.

But while Amazon reigns supreme in terms of flat-out profit, there are a ton of other companies that have produced massive profits as well.

Look at Netflix.

In the early 2000s, most people viewed the company as just another place to rent DVDs, albeit with a better selection.

But few people understood the kind of massive shift in tech that streaming media would cause, so many sat on the sidelines while only a savvy few bought in early.

The result?

Netflix stock ballooned from just $0.87 in 2002 to $350 today.

That’s good for a gain of 40,000%.

Sure, it took over a decade, but those on top of the shift that was taking place had the chance to turn every $1,000 into $400,000.

Thing is, there are stocks just like Netflix, only they haven’t paid out massive gains yet.

And with “The $7 Retirement Blueprint,” you’ll have the ability to get in on potential blockbusters like these before they happen.

It’s also likely the gains will come much, much faster than they did with Netflix.

Check out what happened with Facebook.

Today, we all know it as the most-used social media platform of all time.

But five years ago, when the company had its IPO, plenty of people weren’t so sure.

Then this happened:

Facebook shot from $19.05 per share to $209.

Sure, these 997% gains aren’t as big as those of Amazon and Netflix, but if you’d gotten in, you could have earned 10 times your money in just five years.

And while these companies all have very different business models, they all have one thing in common…

They are all stocks you could have identified before they blew up… by using “The $7 Retirement Blueprint.”

How do I know?

How to Access “The $7 Retirement Blueprint”

All told, if you want to learn the clearest, simplest strategy for earning a continual stream of money, I’m going to send you “The $7 Retirement Blueprint” today.

It won’t cost you $1,000 to start.  It won’t cost you $500.  Or even $50.

It’ll cost you $7.  It’s that simple.

For just a one-time fee of just $7, you’ll learn some of the most important secrets the market holds today…

Uranium: The Next Hot Thing – Most people don’t even consider uranium when investing in stocks.  But there’s one major reason you should be paying attention, and it’s all in the “blueprint.”  And we’ll give you the names of two stocks that are poised to go vertical as demand skyrockets.

Think Oil is Dead?  Think Again– While the broader market isn’t paying attention, a massive opportunity has risen in domestic oil.  How do you play it for huge potential gains?  It’s all in the “blueprint.”

Tech, Tech Tech – Everywhere you look it seems like another tech stock is booming.  It’s easily the hottest sector right now, and there’s one technology which experts think could be worth 35 Amazons.

The “Secret Decade” – There’s one opportunity that’s so overlooked, very few investors have noticed that it’s paid out gigantic gains for the last ten years.  If you’d noticed what happened during this “secret decade,” you could be sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars right now.  Thing is, it’s only growing, and the “blueprint” will show you exactly what to do.

The “Magic Date” – On October 15, 2007 something happened that gives you a shot at millions today.  What was it, and how can you tap into it?  Check out the “blueprint” right away.

And there’s only one place you can get “The $7 Retirement Blueprint.”

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Remember, 1,700 millionaires are created daily.

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