The world of tech is about to be shaken to its core…



When tech companies enter the
“disruption phase,”

millions (even BILLIONS) of
dollars change hands…


Here are 3 companies that could net investors

the payday of a lifetime

Dear Reader,

In 1997, a tiny company was founded in Scotts Valley, California.

It was an online DVD store. There were just 30 employees.

And they were on the verge of turning their small firm into a $100 billion company that would disrupt the entire tech world.

The company I’m talking about is Netflix.

Today they’re one of the most famous names in the world.

They now have over 148 million paid subscribers and people spend 140 million hours PER DAY watching their content.

But when they went public back in 2002, almost nobody had heard of them, and shares of their stock could be bought for just $1.21.

This means, had you invested $1,000 in Netflix when they IPO’d, and held through today, you’d be sitting on a $222,793 fortune right now.

And a $5,000 stake would have netted you more than $1 million.

Of course, people chalk success stories like these up to “luck,” even calling them “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, there is a long history of companies that have entered the “disruption phase” and gone on to produce MASSIVE winners for investors.

Think about it..

Around the same time Netflix was in its infancy, so was another company that’s now the biggest online retailer in the history of the Internet.

This company started in the 90s as an online bookstore, and the founder’s office was little more than a glorified cubicle with a hand-drawn logo tacked on the wall.

Today, Amazon has 197 million people visit their site each month and the company is worth more than $850 billion.

But like Netflix, when Amazon held its IPO, very few people took notice.

Shares traded on the open market at just $1.73.

Now, take a look at this chart and imagine if you’d had the foresight to load up on shares of Amazon back in 1997…

Shares trade today for $1,735 each.

That’s a 100,189% gain.

In other words, every $1,000 invested could have turned into $5 million.

Now, I fully understand almost no one made these kinds of gains.

But even if you’d waited a full TEN YEARS after the IPO to invest, you STILL could have pulled down 4,202% gains.

Of course, Netflix and Amazon are both Internet retailers.

But they have something far more important in common.

They’re both Disruptors.

Netflix took the way people consume media and turned it on its head.

Where once you’d have to drive to the store, mull over your movie choice for an hour, stand in line, then drive home…

Netflix made it possible to watch almost whatever you want with a few clicks of a remote control.

And Amazon did something similar.

The days of visiting crowded malls, fighting for parking spots, and paying for overpriced goods are over.

Now, in just a few minutes online, you can find whatever you want to buy, check reviews with a few mouse clicks, and purchase your item at the best price possible.

See what I’m getting at?

These weren’t just solid tech companies with good ideas…

They took entire industries and turned them upside down.

And when that happens, history shows that HUGE money can be made.


Of course, not every tech company is in the “disruption phase” straight from their IPO.

Take a look at Apple.

Apple floundered for years, playing second fiddle to Microsoft for more than two decades.

But then something magical happened.

On June 29, 2007, Apple released something called the iPhone.

Today, more than 1 billion of the devices have been sold.

But back in 2007, no one could truly comprehend what was happening as Apple entered its “disruption phase.”

In short, the company took the cell phone world and changed the face of it forever.

Few could see the future of the device though, so even when the phone was released, shares of Apple were still only trading for $17.43.

Then this happened…

Apple stock soared by 1,154% and now trades at $218.

That’s not quite Netflix or Amazon money, but I think any investor would be happy hitting a 10-bagger.

And those who believed in Apple early on? When shares were trading for just $2 each before the company hit its “disruption phase?”

Those investors could have turned $1,000 into $109,000.

So it’s no secret here…

Once tech companies hit the “disruption phase,” the potential for life changing money hangs in the balance.

These Disruptors Have

Made People Filthy Rich

The list of these companies goes on and on…

Look at Microsoft.

In 1985, Windows was officially released.

And it changed turned the personal computing industry upside down as Microsoft entered its “disruption phase.”

A year later the company had its IPO, and shares could be had for ten cents.



Today the company trades for $134.

That’s a gain of 133,900%.

An investment of $1,000 – if you’d held since the beginning – would have made you a millionaire.

It’s the stuff dreams are built on.

And there’s no shortage of examples…

Facebook revolutionized the way we interact and massively disrupted the world of social media. Their stock soared by as much as 690%.

Google changed the entire search engine game and has been innovating ever since entering their “disruption phase” back in the early 2000s. An early investment could have netted you gains of up to 2,073%.

Simply put, there’s crazy money to be made when tech companies hit their “disruption phase.”

In other words, these aren’t just regular stocks.


Public for the First Time EVER:

The Superstock Checklist

I’ve never before released this checklist to the public…

But I’m going to do so right here.


Because I don’t want to see another situation like the Internet boom where millions of ordinary investors sit on the sidelines and make chump change…

I want YOU to be a millionaire… and this is the best chance I’ve seen to do so in 18 years.

So how do you know if a stock is actually a potential Superstock?

Easy. It must fit each one of 5 simple principles…

Principle #1: The company MUST have

the potential to move by at least 1,000%

I don’t care if a stock is primed to shoot up by 800%. It’s not a Superstock.

A 1,000% move is the MINIMUM when it comes to this unique subset of stocks.

I’m looking for truly life-changing gains here…

The kinds of profits that will set you up for the EARLY retirement of your dreams.

The companies that fit this principle are early-movers… companies that, like I mentioned above have entered the “disruption phase.”

These are companies that are primed to make the biggest moves in the market.

In other words, if you want a 10-bagger, you need to think about disruption, plain and simple.

Principle #2: The company MUST trade

at an incredible value

It might be common sense, but many people forget…

Even though a stock might seem glamorous, that doesn’t mean it’s ready to pay out huge gains.

I want dynamic companies that trade cheaply… AND show the promise of at least 1,000% gains.

I don’t want to wait years and years for my gains… and I’m sure you don’t either.

I’d MUCH rather cash out for 1,000% in 6 months than wait years for a 50%.

So in order to be a Superstock, a stock MUST trade at a great value.

In fact, many of these companies trade for even cheaper. Some you can claim for just a buck or so.

Principle #3: The company MUST be


The downside to tech companies is that they can go bankrupt as quickly as they can go vertical.

I make sure to reduce as much risk as possible.

I put each company I look at through a strict analysis by using technical indicators, balance sheets, and global news.

I’d never put my cash into a company I think is unstable… and neither should you.

After all, you want to make millions not lose them.

In short, if a company isn’t making money and doesn’t have cash… it’s NOT a Superstock.

Principle #4: The company MUST be

a money magnet

If others aren’t investing in a company, neither should you.

And I don’t mean ordinary investors. Most regular folks won’t know about these companies, so of course they aren’t investing.

That’s why YOU stand to make so much cash.

I’m talking about money flowing in from government contracts… and huge cash influxes from top-tier hedge fund managers and insiders.

We’re looking at stocks here that are in the best positions to get huge contracts, produce large amounts of product, and bring in TONS of capital.

If that’s not the case, you shouldn’t be looking.

That’s how you lose money.

But if the government is piling money in – something that’s happening right this very moment with several Superstocks, you need to take notice.

Principle #5: There MUST be

an immediate catalyst

If a company meets all of the previous principles but not this one, it’s not a Superstock.

Remember, a Superstock MUST meet all 5 principles.

And this one is super important.

If there’s not a reason the stock will move in the immediate future, chances are you’ll be sitting on it for a while.

When I say catalyst I mean a large contract, a new government bill, or anything else that might help a specific company to enter its “disruption phase.”

Think about it…

In the medical world a company that’s announced a cure for cancer is the company that’s going to shoot up by thousands of percent… not the companies that are simply doing research.

Same thing in the tech world. We want to have a very good idea that a company is set to skyrocket so we know we’re putting our money in the right place.

So, if this all seems quite simple… that’s because it is.

And I run through hundreds of companies every day, applying these principles to every single one of them.

Then I run my technical indicators to narrow the list down even more.

And right now, I’ve settled on three Superstocks – that have entered their “disruption phases” – that EVERY investor who wants to make a million dollars should own.

I’m going to give them to you today, too… for FREE.

And this is just the first collection of many companies coming down the pike that I have my eye on that have the ability to become Superstocks.

But I’m not worried about those other companies at this moment.

Right now, I’m pounding the table on three specific companies that are currently in a position to benefit from the largest impending tech disruptions.

In short, it’s time to BUY, BUY, BUY.

And today, I’m revealing the ticker symbols for these companies.

Not only that, I’m going to tell you when to get in (NOW), and when to get out.

I’m going to do all the heavy lifting for you.

My goal is to uncover stocks like these for you…

A perfect example is…

Shares of this Superstock handed investors a serious payday… at least those who knew when to take action…

While some people had their heads turned, looking for something better, shares of priceline skyrocketed from $22.51 all the way to a staggering $1,850.64.

That’s good for a gain of 8,121%… the type of gain few people ever cash in on (at least those who don’t know how to spot Superstocks).

That’s the power of Superstocks… which brings me to a question you probably have by now.

What exactly are the potential Superstocks I’m giving away for FREE today?

I’m glad you asked…

Revealed: 3 Potential Superstocks

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest opportunities on the planet are in tech stocks that are about to enter their “disruption phases.”

The gains stand to be very much like the examples I’ve shown you.

And there are three, in particular, that I’ve pinpointed…

Disruptor Superstock #1: The 5G Innovator

The 5G boom is here. Cowen & Co. analysts say it’s a “revolution.”

Others say 5G could usher in a $12 trillion market opportunity.

It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than anything we’ve seen to date.

And whether you like it or not, it’s coming – and it’s coming fast.

It’s also creating opportunities investors just can’t ignore.

When 4G hit the market, cell tower companies like Crown Castle (CCI) rocketed from $30 to more than $140 a share.

American Tower Corporation (AMT) ran from $40 to $225.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

5G will be even bigger, and potentially FAR more profitable.

It’ll create mobile supercomputers in the palm of our hands.

It’ll also help connect the world and many more devices.

And there’s one company in particular that’s about to enter their “disruption phase” and turn the mobile world on its head.


Already these guys have HUGE contracts in place with both American and Chinese 5G leaders.

Their chips are in just about every computer produced.

And we could see their stock shoot up astronomically in the coming months.

And this is just the first Superstock I see entering its “disruption phase.”

Disruptor Superstock #2: The Security Renegades

National security – in the tech world primarily – has become a HUGE issue.

Threats are present every day, and the industry is projected to DOUBLE within the next 4 years.

And there’s one company that’s primed to be a massive gamechanger.

As they enter their “disruption phase,” the U.S. government has tapped them to manage their most urgent and serious cybersecurity concerns.

Already the company is one of the government’s largest cybersecurity experts…

Which is why they just landed a $49.5 million contract to support a Defense Information Systems Agency program that offers web conferencing and instant messaging.

They also won a $152 million agreement to develop an enterprise technology platform for the U.S. Army to manage its accessioning process.

In short, they’ve become the government’s right-hand man in a scenario that’s grown extremely serious.


But these guys are about to change the entire game.

NO ONE can handle the precise needs this company can, and they’re already piling up contracts in the millions because of it.

And we fully expect them to hit Superstock status in the very near future.

Now for the final company…

Disruptor Superstock #3: The Microcontroller Masters

In your home, your car, your office are computers. All over the place. We can’t hide from them.

But we can profit from them. These small computers are called microcontrollers.

And demand for them is through the roof.

In fact, the global microcontroller market was valued at $18.6 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $35 billion.

And guess what?

There’s one company driving this revolution as the firm is just now hitting its “disruption phase.”

Already these guys have more than 115,000 customers – and that list is only growing.

So when you look around and see a digital device, there’s a good chance this company has played a role in it.

They’re true game changers, and we expect their stock price to surge substantially in the coming weeks and months.

So how do you get your hands on these three stocks today?

Here’s how…

The Next Superstock

I started a new service that revolves ONLY around Superstocks.

I named it, aptly enough, The Next Superstock.

Only in this case, I’m giving you THREE stocks… not just one.

And that’s because I want to kick off this service with a bang.

So I’m giving anyone who agrees to take a trial run of The Next Superstock today THREE stock picks for FREE.

This offer is ONLY available to Charter Members of The Next Superstock, however, and it’s only available right here today.

You simply agree to take a sneak peek at my never-before-released advisory service, and I’ll send you the ticker symbols of the THREE Superstocks I just told you about…

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You simply agree to take a look at my new service, and I’ll send you everything you need to know about the three Superstocks I’ve just uncovered.

Even better, as a Charter Member of The Next Superstock, you’ll get ALL of the following…

First, you’ll get the FREE special report I’ve recently put together… detailing all THREE of the potential Superstocks I just told you about.

  • The 3 Disruptors

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Next, you’ll also receive immediate access to:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of The Next Superstock
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That’s a long list of benefits right there… and you get ALL of it for just agreeing to a test run of my new advisory service, The Next Superstock.

Of course, you’re probably wondering how much it costs to become a member of my service.

Well, it’s so low I’m almost embarrassed to tell you.

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Here’s What to

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Ian Cooper

Editor, The Next Superstock



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